Be Careful What You Wish For...

 Michael Middleton was a very gifted, intelligent and talented man. He was studying to be a doctor at Trentford University. He was in his second year and everyone had high expectations of him. However he did not have high expectations of himself. This was not modesty, this was Michael's severe depression, bullying him as the children throughout college and school had done all his life. Michael was a "boffin" and a "geek", and had refused to make friends as he wanted to focus on academic goals rather than making friends. This was not all, Michael was also "fat" and Michael was a "pig". They used to make grunting noises at him, doing their best to sound like a pig. Michael's brother Matthew, was not at all like his brother. He was two years younger than Michael, small, thin and ratty. He frequently joined the bullies in the thrill of making his brother cry.

 Of course, he had entered a brilliant university and naturally the students at an educational facility of this calibre did not care if people were tall, short, lanky or even "fat" as Michael knew himself as. However, this did not stop memories of the torment he had suffered as a child and therefore, with no confidence, failed to join a friendship group at Trentford. At least he was not the scapegoat as he had been in his previous educational life and as a result could concentrate on his dream; being a doctor.

Every night, Michael would sit for hours on his laptop, researching information for his lectures and typing up large essays. Another thing Michael did was check his emails (not that he ever did recieve one, but still always checked, just in case). On the evening of July 17th, he loaded his inbox and to sheer suprise and shock horror, saw that he had one new message. He immediatley clicked it and saw it was sent from Harry Jackson, a regular tormentor from Blacklondon Grammar School;

"hello fatty. Got your email from Matthew. I hear you got into Trentford, but doesn't mean we are gone. We will never go Piggy. You always did remind me of that character; piggy. Trying to act like a wild boar in rage when somebody annoyed you, but really you are a fat PIG aren't you. I really do hope a big rock does fall on you, in fact doing a handstand would do the trick with you wouldn't it? You will never be a doctor, look how much you scoff and then you expect people to take you seriously. ROT IN HELL PIG"

Michael read this, sweating with anger, swelling with rage and screaming inside. That is when he said it. He should not have said it. He should not have said it but...

"I want to be thin!" He screamed. "I want to be thin!!" He screamed again and again and again.

* * *

"Why weren't you in your lecture on Thursday Michael?" asked Doctor Khan peacefully.

"I was ill Sir" lied Michael, "I was being sick and had the shivers, I couldn't leave my bed at all, I am very sorry"

"Yes Michael, it appears you have lost abit on the belly there! Been doing excerize, diet? Oh, sorry you mentioned you were being sick. Well I hope to see you on Wednesday, you cannot be missing these sessions, I have very high expectations of you boy!"

Micheal was not on a diet, nor had he been excersizing and he was not sick at all. Had he really lost weight? Of course not thought he, it was probably because I had little appetite after that corrupt email I recieved. He shrugged it off and continued on towards the library.

The End

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