A Very Happy Birthday...

For my nineth birthday my mother told me that she had a large suprise in store for me. My name is Lisa Brown and I live in London, England. I had lots of friends to invite to my birthday party and we planned to have a outside party, as my birthday is in the middle of summer, and usually always outside; with a roaring barbeque and pass the parcel and basically havoc. How did my mother and father cope I wonder.

It was around twelve O clock that my guests began to arrive, bearing gifts of all kinds; jewellery, board games and art sets and everything was going smoothly. I was having a ball! My mother let me put my favourite dress on (the one that I could only wear at special occasions), and i felt like princess. This was my day and nobody was going to corrupt it. I was an only child and in addition to this; a spoilt child. I had everything I wanted and therefore other children my age tended to want to be my friend. There were around thity children at my party, and now, I speak to none of them. This is an obvious symptom of that which we call "child naivety". I suffered badly from naivety. From a young age, through to my late twenties, and I always believed my decisions were the correct ones, and it has left me lonely, as, well, who wants to marry or befriend someone whos opinions are basically laws?

Anyway, back to my story, (forgive me if I go off on a tangent, it has been fourty years since this event and therefore, I must recall certain things on the way in order for it to be understood in the correct way). The garden that day was like a mental assylum. There were children, boys and girls running about, playing tag, tantrums and bursting balloons but better was still to come. My mothers 'big' suprise which she had arranged for me. I still at this time had no idea myself what this suprise was. I was so desperate to find out. Now and then I would get distracted, and halt thinking of it, for a few minutes. Then I would remember again and I would get a tingling sensation deep within my stomach. I still get that tingling feeling now again. It is excitement with nerve mixed together, like a potion I have consumed which when is digested, gives me a fantastic thrilling feeling.

When I found out what it was, I must admit i was mildly disappointed as I was expecting another present. Being nine years old, I didnt exactly find magicians as good as maybe three or four years back, however I was grateful and thanked my mother and father with a hug.

Mister Majax was his name. I would have said he was an oscure character, but in order to make that judgement, I would have to get to know him better. Of course looking at him I did not want to know him better. He did not look like a magician, he looked more like a victorian gentleman. He was wearing a suit, it was as black as jett and this matched his hair. Somebody with hair that black cannot be of british origin. The odd thing was, he had green eyes, which stood out greatly becuase of the colour contrast. He had a curly moustache and was smoothly shaven. He had uninnocent white skin tone which suggested to me he did not like going out very much.

When he had set up his performance, the children rushed over to the lawn and placed themselves as near to him as they could get. Because it was my birthday, I demanded that I should sit on a chair, right in perfect view of him (so that if he needed a volunteer, he would chose the birthday girl). Looking back now, my behaviour as a child was ridiculous and silly and I can laugh about it.

The noise of the garden gradually quietened when it was clear Mister Majax wished to begin his show. I watched in fascination when he inserted a needle directly through a balloon, took my dads watch crushed it and then some how restored back into one piece. Interesting. Mr Majax did not speak. Not one word, he just mimed. Could he speak? If he could then why doesnt he? He must be able to, how would he make arrangments with my parents if he couldn't? This was running through my head. Throughout the performance, I could not take my eyes off the large human sized box, standing at one side. I wondered what he was going to do with it, as leaning on the box were swords and large blades. When he finally wheeled it to the centre of the 'platform' I began to brace myself as I knew that he was going to need a volunteer.

He looked at me, it was more of a glance, but still it made me feel uncomfortable. At this point he pointed at me and then pointed at the box. This was a little creepy for me, i wondered if he spoke it, would I feel more reassured. My mother and Father looked comfortable with letting me enter a box with knives and swords next to it. At the time, I did not want to refuse as this, to me, when I was nine years old, was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I entered the box and he indicated to me, that I must stick both hands out of two holes at the side of the box. Thats when he violently shut the door. It wasnt quite a slam, more of a patient slam. It was dark. Suddenly, with utter shock, I heard him lock the door. I attempted to move to bang on the door as I wanted to exit this dungeon.

That is when I realised. I couldnt move. I was paralysed, completely still and the isolation and silence reigned. I was so stiff I could even cry, though I was psychologically screaming inside me. My own body was failing me when I needed strength the most.

The door opened and the sunlight blinded me as I felt like I had been in the dark for hours on end. My first instinct was to run over to my mother. Where was she? Where was everyone? This was not my back garden. There was no grass, balloons, tables of food or any sign of one person at all. I stepped out onto hot sand and revealed myself to a roasting sun. To sheer horror I witnessed dunes upon dunes, heaps upon heaps of sand. There was nothing else apart me and the box. I was again paralysed, this time in shock rather than in some myserious physical restraint. I was nine years old and this feeling of being completely lost was new to me. Of course I had wondered off in the supermarket, but this was of course no comparison.

I spun around in confusion and horror and I was suprised to see Miser Majax standing there, silent as I had witnessed before. However now seemed more silent than ever, becaue around his silence, there was silence altogether. He stepped out and smiled and then started dancing. I did not know what to make of this ordeal. I asked him where I was and he just ignored me and carried on his pointless display.

He then pulled out a large tape player from his jacket. It was multi coloured and looked like it should have been owned by a small child. He clicked 'play' and on came the oddest futuristic music I have ever heard in my life. He began a routined dance and this made me cry. I do not know what made me cry. It may have been because I was lost, maybe because I was so confused or maybe the music had a strange element to it that made me feel sad. He then disappeared. Again I was alone. It was my own knowledge that told me that maybe returning to the box may have the reverse effect.

This idea failed. Shutting the door helped and again, I could feel myself growing stiffer, and still. Then before I knew it, the doo was opening again and I stepped out onto fresh grass, and the audience applauded. I think looking back now, that Mister Majax had performed a trick on me with me realising. How odd. My mother looked happy to see me in one piece, and hugged me and said happy birthday.

For some reason, i was sad to see Mister Majax leave. I felt as if I had some connection with him. I saw him shake hands with my father and he walked up to me and looked at me for what could be worked out to be around ten seconds. Ten very long seconds. He patted me on the head and whispered "You will be okay little girl" and stepped out of the front door, never to be seen again.

I have attempted to search for Mister Majax, but I have never been able to look him up. I contacted many entertainment companies, used the internet and I have never been able to conjure a conclusion. I will never forget it, I believe it was a sign to me and even though it was a very long time ago, I think Mister Majax is still out there, doing, well I dont really know.

The End

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