The Man in a Suit...

 Something odd happend to me as a child. I will never forget it. Even though I will never understand fully what happened that day, it will remain in my mind for a long long time. It also reminds me to listen to your parents when they say do not stray too far away from home.

 I used to enjoy skateboarding when I was a child. It was a hobby which I was never very good at however I enjoyed it. One day my mother and father drove into town, which was about fifteen miles away. We lived in a tiny village. It was very small, now i doubt it still exists. I took this as an advantage to explore deeper around my home. The village known as Delph Vale was surrounded by think forest and therefore i decided to zoom around the paths of the woods on my board. I was excited but a litle nervous of getting lost, which knowing my luck; ended up happening.

All the trees looked identical and the path had disappeared. I decided to walk and left my board behind. I came across a river. It was a lovely place and the sun was shining and it was moderately warm. I do not know what happened then. I think I fell asleep. I looked around me, not being able to remember anything before.

It was then I saw It. It? your wondering. It was human, but not quite fully human. It was obviously male, but would not have the name 'he'.  It was wearing a black suit. It was not modern, it appeared to look victorian. There was a white shirt and matching bow tie. It had black shiny shoes. It had a large curly moustache and its hair was tied back in a pony tail. I swear its eyes were red.

"Who are you?" I asked. I was not scared, but being a child curious.

"who am I? You know exactely who I am mister" it replied in a menacing voice. "But I am afraid I cannot tell you you see"

I stared at it carefully and then part of me wanted to be at home in my mother's arms. But no, I was here, lost in the woods, I could be so close to my home but I had no idea. Here I was with this man in a black suit.

"I've caught you at a very good time Mister fish" it said with a growing grin spreading across its face.

"I am not a fish sir" I replied, "I am a boy, my name is Timothy, I got lost, do you live here?"

Thats when the grin on its face vanished and instead turned into a large grin instead.

"I live nowhere, I have come in search for food. I eat anything you see Mister Boy" it replied. "I know that you are lost. I know that your mother and father are away in town, in fact right now they are in Angelica Smith's grocery shop. Your father is smoking his favourite cigarettes; I right so far?"

I told him he was indeed correct and asked him how he knew this.

"Oh little boy, I know everything, everything and everything. You see, my name is D-E..."

I interrupted "i think I better go now sir"

I could not escape him, he was following me. He was fast. I began to run. He ran. When I turned around he was gone. However when I turned back around to walk on and find the way back to my house, he was there. It stunk of something undiscribable. His eyes were red. Where an ordinary person would have the whites of their eyes, his were blood red. It was a he, I think I had an idea of who it was. This was him, him being the devil. He was tall. very tall. He once again spoke in his menacing voice;

"Mister Boy, you should not do that, You cant run and you cannot hide from me either, now I am hungry, I have nothing to eat and you, little man, are quite large. I could swallow you in one Master Tim."

Tears were now running down my face. My mum had always told me to stay clear from strangers, but what was i suposed to there, he was there, he just appeared. I cried for my mum, laugh at me if you must. But if you was a ten year old boy in that situation you would understand.

"Your mother and father have just died in a crash" he said this heartlessley. " I told you, I know everything, I could tell you what your fathers favourite cigarettes were, where they were and that you were lost. Now go back to your empty house where you will never see your beloved mother again"

Then he went. I ran for my life, crying and crying. I ran past my skaeboard which was left abandoned, and ran and ran. I came to the path and ran in the correct direction. Usually when i run like that, im tired out after about ten metres however i must have ran around half a mile wthout stopping. I ran to my house but saw my parents car parked in one piece in the  driveway. I walked towards the door, still crying and saw my mother making tea through the window. I entered the house and was thrilled to see my mother. She was stood there and hugged me when I would not tell her the reason for crying. When I had settled down, I glanced out of the window...there he was.

The End

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