Something Very Odd...

Something Very Odd

Police Statement: January 14 1999

Maria Dibnah

 I decided to go out that night. My flat mate Rachel was tired so naturally she decided to remain at our flat which is on Dawn Terrace just east of the train station on which that night i travelled into the town centre to enjoy my brother birthday, he turned 24 that night, and i was very excited because I had not seen Joseph in a considerable amonut of time.

 We arrived at Graham's Boom Boom Room, the night club which me and my friends frequently enjoyed. as the genre of music played there was definatley my choice.

 I decided that it would only be decent of me to offer my brother his favourite drink as he was kind enough to pay for my train ticket and of course, it was his birthday after all. Thats when it hit me. That is when I realised I had left my bag at home. I asked Joseph if he would be kind enough to pay for my train back home to retrieve my bag, and promised him I would pay him back and in addition to this, pay for all his drinks.

The train home was very empty compared to the bustling crowds which filled the train on the way into town. I felt eerie. I felt at risk. It was strange as I felt like a small child, scared of what was under my bed, but deep inside myself I knew there was a sufficient reason to be scared. It was a huge relief to me when we arrived at Dobbles train station, as it at least five minute walk back to my flat.

 Walking back to the flat, I again began to feel odd. Something very odd was occuring in my presence. I could see my front door and this, to me represented safety and security so i began to speed up the pace that I was walking at. I do not know what I would have done if the street lights did not guide me towards my home. The lights represented hope however, it did not stop me from almost running towards the block.

 Feeling safe and secure in the corridor, i slowly creeped towards my door, which to my sheer suprise, was unlocked. I immediately thought Rachel forgetting to lock the door, however future events suggest a much darker reason. It was dark inside the flat so i took it upon myself not to disturb Rachel and i was as quiet as I could have been and not wanting to wake her, did not turn lights on as i was certain as to the location of my bag.

 As I exited the flat, I locked the door as with the way I had been feeling on the return to my flat, was not very comfrting at all. As i stepped outside onto the pavement, I felt different to the way I did when entering. It felt fresher and I could breathe easier. My confidence was high. I would make it clear now, that i had not yet consumed alcohol.

 The journey into town was also smooth. I did not feel at all like the way I did on my return to the flat. I was glad for this. I deeply hoped that Joseph was still in the place where I had left him; Graham's Boom Boom Room. Thankfully he was and I spent the night on the town, fulfilling my promise. Nothing strange happend at all while I was out. Nothing. It was an ordinary night out. At around three O clock that morning, we stepped off the train at Dobbles train station and i said goodbye to Joseph.

 He was fine walking back to his house in the oposite direction with his girlfriend, but now I was alone. There is some confusion as to whether i felt the eerieness again because I was drunk, or because someone was actually there, watching, stalking. I turned the corner, and thats the first thing of the incident I saw. There was an ambulance, three police cars and a police motor cycle outside the block of flats.

 I was questioned for around two hours, and I felt like I had to agree even though I had found out my best friend Rachel, had just been...murdered. I felt like I had to agree to the questioning as I knew I would be a suspect. I know the police will think I am crazy and I was very capable of committing such an idictable offence, after I told them how I felt strange and that I felt as if I was being watched when I entered the flat.

 I asked to go to my flat to get my things, the police lady reluctantly agreed to let me enter and it is only when i indeed did enter, I realised why she was hesitant to let me in.

 There was blood everywhere. I even found some teeth. It was unclear at this time how Rachel had died. It was horrific. I went into her bedroom, again blood all over her bed. But then, I turned to see in all terror, a messege on the wall. A messege for me. It said, in huge writing on the white wall, blood letters spelling out " I bet you're glad you didn't turn on the light aren't you?"

The End

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