A Cup Of Tea And Some Very Weird Events

The These are only very short stories. Very short. However, do not be fooled into thinking that you will not be horrified at the very outcome, happenings and mysteries in my collection of horrifying tales to tell.
Here are the titles in this writing;

Something very odd....A young lady returns to her apartment with a huge suprise in store for her.

The Welsh Hotel....What on earth could that be?

The man in a suit....Always remember what your mother told you about staying away from stran

 The imagination is a curious object for one to withold. Horror, Fascination and it has even been said to cure a man of blindness. Here are stories which require imagination. Here are stories which will leave your own imagination to see what you wish to see, however unpleasant they are. These stories are odd.

Here are the stories which are contained;

  1. Something very odd
  2. The Welsh Hotel
  3. The Man in a Suit
  4. A very happy birthday
  5. Be careful What You Wish For
  6. The Stalker
  7. The Night Before Halloween
  8. Buried Beneath
  9. A Greek Myth


The End

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