Chapter 3.

'Pride and Prejudice? As in the novel?' I managed to choke out a few words.

'Literature project. Must get home, only two hours to do it!' I sprung up. Chris did too.

'I'll give you a lift!" We dashed out of Starbucks, and Chris ran over to a Harley-Davidson, me following.'Hop on!' he yelled. I stopped, frozen.

'This... this is your ride?' I asked cautiously.


'But... it's a motorcycle!'

'Yes, it is a motorcycle,' he said cautiously.

'And I've never ridden a motorcycle!' I said, a little scared.

Chris laughed. 'Well, there is always a first time.'

I gingerly got on the beast of a vehicle, and Chris laughed as he saw my expression. 'Don't be scared. Where do you live?'

'Wood street.'

'Which side?'


'Hold on!' Chris said with obvious pleasure in his voice, and revved up the engine. We shot out of the parking lot, me terrified.

'Aah!' I squealed. My voice was insanely high pitched yet soft. I desperately flung my arms around his middle, and held on to him tight, scared for my dear life. Chris laughed his delightful laugh.

'Calm down, woman,' he said teasingly. 'You won't fall off.' When he realized that I han't loosened my grip on him at all, he sighed. 'Well, if it makes you feel better,' he said, and concentrated on driving.

We zoomed away on the highway, the speedometer needle never dipping below 90 mph. Unsuprisingly, we reached my house in less that 5 mintes. The ride seemed to last forever, and the terror too. When I dismounted the Harley-Davidson, II realized that I was hyperventilating and my arms were full of goosebumps. I tried to unlock the front door, still quaking, and I dropped my keys. Chris looked on with his characteristic irrresistable twinkle in his eyes as I picked them up.

'So how did you like this dandy vehicle of mine?' he asked naughtily

'The experience was... an experience,' I replied, as I dropped my keys for the second time. Chris picked them up.

'Let me open the door,' he said, and iserted the key into the keyhole. Finally, after my two attempts and his one, the door opened. I sighed, relieved, as I checked my watch. If I worked fast enough, I would still be able to finish it.

'Why don't you come in?' I said to Chris, as he almost started to head back to his Harley.

He back around to me, obvious happiness on his face. 'Sure!' We walked into the lving room, and suddenly, he turned serious. 'Your parents won't mind, right?'

'No, they aren't at home. My dad is on a business trip and my mom is at work.' Chris looked relieved. I was puzzled.

'Why were you worried?'

'When ever I go to a girl's house, their parents tend to get... a wrong impression of me. '

'What do you mean?'

'They often think that I am trying to... take advantage of their daughter. And that they shouldn't be with me. When really, it is nothing like that. I'm completely single, and when I go to a female's house, it is as a friend would.'

'But why wouldn't parents like you? You're smart, funny, intelligent, good looking, kind, talented...'. My voice trailed off as I realized that I just told Chris exactly what I thought of him. I felt my cheeks go red, and my embarassment couldn't have been more evident if I was wearing a t-shirt saying 'I'm embarassed'. I awkwardly looked down at my feet, inspecting my shoelaces. I could almost physically feel Chris' eyes on me. After a few seconds of silence, I looked up at him cautiously, and was suprised at what I saw. He was smiling, a normal happy smile. I just looked at him for few seconds, both of us silent. After a few seconds, I realized that I needed to start literature.

'Uh, so, I need to start with my project.'

'Okay then. Bye, Amber.' His voice was slightly sad, and his body language was dejected as he turned around towards the door. I felt myself feel very bad at his departure.

'Wait, Chris!' He turned around. His face was inquisitive.

'I haven't even taken your phone number!'

He laughed his delightful laugh, and suddenly, he seemed happy again. I handed him my phone, and he saved is number in it.

The End

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