Chapter 2.

'So what else do we have in common, other than our taste of drinks?' he asked intriguingly as we sat down. I couldn't help but marvel at his perfection, in all aspects. 

'At least tell me your name first!'

He laughed. 'Fair enough. My name is Christian, although you may call me Chris.' Oh heck, I thought, Even his name is delicious. 'And may I have the honor of knowing what to call this elegant being seated in front of me?'

'Amber Grace,' I said, laughing, extending my hand. Chris shook it. His skin was warm, his grip firm, and his company irreplaceable. We enjoyed a good two hours, buying each other more coffee alternately(until we were both probably a little hy from it), laughing and joking the whole time, and finding out more about each other. It turned out that he had exquisite music taste, a fan of alternative rock and western classical. He was a swimmer, a tennis player, and a basket ball player. I raised my eyebrows at the last one.

'Are you good?' I asked, and immediately felt ashamed. What kind of question was that? Fortunately, Chris took no offence.

'Maybe.' He smildr. 'I honestly don't know. I'm not really satisfied with my playing. I think I could play better.'

'How tall are you?' Chris laughed.

'I don't look much like a basket ball player, do I?' His eyes twinkled mischievously. 'I'm the shortest on my team. But, do you know my last name?'


'Stewart. Christian Stewart.'

My jaw dropped. 'You... you're Christian Stewart? Meaning, the statewide high school basket ball champion?'

'Ooh... You've heard of me, eh?'

'Yes.' I was feeling slightly freaked out of being in the presence of this local celebrity. I took a moment to compose myself. Chris watched me with an amused expression.

'Haha,' I said, after regaining full control of myself. 'Now I can brag to my friends that I know someone famous!' We both laughed.

'Now you know that you don't need to be tall to play basket ball!'

'But seriously, what is your height?'

'5 feet, 5 inches.' I was astounded.

'But... then... you're only two inches taller than me!'

'Let's stand up and see.' We got up and stood back to back. I inhaled his scent. Damn, I thought, he has fabulous deo taste as well.

'Hmmm...' Chris was looking at us in a ceiling to floor mirror on the wall, seemingly amused. I looked in it and smiled myself. I decided that he was one of those hot guys who looked hot, short. He was only a couple of inches taller than me, and he looked so sweet that height. What people call, 'Short and Sexy'. I laughed.

'Goodness sometimes comes in small packages!' I said jovially. He laughed, too.

'Some people seem to think that shorties can't play the game. But I take pride in my height. I think that prejudice like that is unfair.' 

The usage of the words Pride and Prejudice in the same sentence jolted my mind back to reality. 'Oh dammit!' I yelled.

Chris' face turned serious. 'What's wrong?' he asked, concern in his face.

'Pride and Prejudice,' was all I could manage. My face turned white as I checked my watch. Only two hours till the party!

The End

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