A Cup of Coffee.

I'm guessing that I should start my story from the beginning. I could start by saying that the Big Bang occured, since without it, I wouldn't exist, and so I couldn't even have a story. However, the Big Bang theory is slightly controversial, so I will not start there. I could start frm the evolution of man, for without it, I would be an ape, and again, there would be no story. However, evolution is also a controversial theory, so I shall not start from there either. I could also start from the birth of my mother, for, if she hadn't been born, neither would I have been, and her birth is an established fact. Unfortunately, it would take too long to go through all the details of her relatively uneventful childhood, and then her equally mundane adulthood. So, armed with this reasoning, I have decided to begin my tale from when I met him.

So there I was one day, sleepy, but content, after a lovely session of swimming. I had just participated in a competition, and having nabbed three gold medals and a silver one, I was feeling pretty satisfied. To celebrate my wins, my friends were throwing a party for me in the evening, and on top of that I had a literature project that needed completing, which I had decided to finish in the four hours I had before the party. To stimulate my exhausted body and mine into staying awake and working hard n literature, my mind entered the world of Pride and Prejudice, and my body entered the world of Starbucks. I absentmindedly dragged my tired muscles upto the counter and skimmed through tho menu board above the counter lady's head.

'One vanilla frappachino with whipped cream and caramel sauce on top,' another voice and I said simultaneously. I whipped my head to the left and looked- into the eyes of the owner of the voice. My mind left the world of Pride and Prejudice and entered the world of Wow.

The man standing before me was a truly spectacular phenomenon in the world of genetics. He had seemed to inherit the perfect features from his family, along with an astoundingly appealing sense of style. He was wearing a white and black checked shirt, with the top two buttons open and the collar casually crooked. His shiny black hair stuck up in a slight mohawk, and his chocolate brown eyes had a sassy twinkle in them.

'Wow, what a coincidence! Jinx!' he exclaimed. His voice was equally delectable. You could hear a gooey, molten chocolate-y sound in it. In other words, I was thoroughly attracted.

I couldn't help but smile. 'I suppose I owe you a soda now.'

'Nonsense... I was just joking! Let me pay for the coffee!'

Before I could protest, he handed the cashier a $10 bill, and took our drinks to a table for two. I followed him, and sat opposite this delightful creature I'd fallen into the hands of.

The End

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