Setting Plans Into Action

They sat quietly in the living room. Jake and Luke were the first two there. Both were dressed in nice clothes and combed out their messy hair styles. Luke leaned forward, arms rested on his knees. He twiddled with his fingers until he finally intertwined them and left them be. To me it seemed as if he was worried about something. His eyes gleamed with fear. Jake rested his hand on Luke's shoulder. Luke jumped at the touch.

"What's the matter bro?" Jake asked quietly. After a few moments he answered his brother, in a quiet tone.

"You know what this meeting is about Jake." Worry flooded through his voice. "This is about us. They think that we won't be able to keep control. They want to send us away."

"You don't know that for certain." Jake was refusing to believe this. What exactly did it mean? the brothers dropped their conversation as another boy entered the room. he was about Jake's age and roughly five foot, ten inches. Short brown hair was spiked up with a little hair gel. Milky brown eyes surveyed the room, coming to a rest on Jake.

"Hey Jake" The boy said with a smile. His gaze lowered to Luke and his smile evaporated. "Luke"

"It's great to see you Tony." Jake stood and gave him a hug. Tony looked a lot like the Braveheart brothers, maybe they were related. "You need to come around more often."

"Well with all the ladies I have to deal with back home, it might be hard to slip away from them." Jake and tony laughed at this. "I'll try" Tony said with a laugh. "If the company is good." He shot a look in Luke's direction. Luke jumped to his feet, getting in Tony's face.

"What do you mean if the company is good?" He demanded.

"Chill pup" Tony whirled on him. "You know exactly what I mean. You are the reason we have these damn meetings. Poor little Lucas can't control his temper. So why not just send him away like the rest of us? Oh right, because then your girlfriend might notice that you went missing. Sure you could tell a lie but you wouldn't do that. You are a sad and pathetic excuse for a man let alone a boy. You can't act your age. You can't control your temper. And, one day you are going to hurt that innocent little girl." He leaned down and whispered in Luke's ear. "I should show her what it's like to be with a real man. Give her a little taste of what she's missing out on?"

Luke grabbed Tony by his jacket and threw him across the room. He jumped on him, slamming his fist into Tony's face. Soon Tony lied still, gasping for air. With one hand restricting Tony's air, Luke stopped, fist mid-air. His knuckles were whiter than a ghost as he clenched and unclenched his hand. Luke leaned down and spoke in his ear. "Don't you dare touch her." He growled, something rumbling deep inside his chest.

A man entered the room. I recognized him but I didn't know his name. It was Jake and Luke's father. "Enough" He voice was stern. Luke stepped away from Tony as Jake helped him up. Luke cowered under his father's stare. He retracted to a corner and waited. "We are ready to begin." Men filed into the room one by one, along with Luke's mother. Everyone took their seats. I didn't comprehend most of what they said and tuned out till they called upon the brothers.

"Jacob, Lucas" The oldest guy said. "You both appear to have a bit of a temper. We will not be able to risk you two exposing us. At the most recent out burst from you Lucas, we can not be certain that you can control this gift you have." Luke dropped his gaze from the man, looking like a whipped puppy. My heart sank when I saw that look. "Since you both have shown good potential we have decided to let us prove you can do it. You will have till the blue moon to prove that you can control yourselves."

"That's two days away" Jake said. "What exactly are we supposed to prove anyways?"

"That you can handle yourselves in any situation." The old guy said.

Their meeting went on for a few hours as they discussed other pressing issues. Something was boiling in Luke's eyes. Was he still upset about Tony? Or was he worried about being set away? As the hours went on the same look stayed in his eyes, even as his facial expressions changed. When the meeting finally ended he darted to his room.

I huried to the staircase, but stopped when Jake said something. Everyone except Tony had left the living room for the food in the dining room. The boys were having a hushed conversation.

"He's gonna get sent away like me and you know it." Tony muttered. Jakes shook his head. "It's either that or he will get himself killed because of her. This girl will always be his weakness. Someone or something will take advantage of that and kill him. We live in a kill or be killed world Jake, nothing will change that. Now, I may not like the kid but I still care about him."

"Jaycee is just a crush. It won't go far." Jakes said quietly.

"Are you sure about that cousin? I mean if you're wrong...." There was a moment of silence. "Something is coming, something big. You know that. The blue moon-"

"Always brings trouble, I know. It's just that the boy needs to live a little. I have a girlfriend, even you have one. So how bad could it be for him to have one?"

"Well, let's go talk to him then." Tony stood and waited for Jake to join him. I jogged up the stairs and walked through the closedd door to Luke's bedroom. He was sitting at his desk, tears threatening his eyes. In his hands he held the picture of me and my brother. He dropped the picture as Jake knocked on the door. Luke blinked away the tears and went to the door.

"What do you two want?" Luke said.

"We want to talk." Jake said. Luke walked back to his desk and sat down, carefully watching the other two.

"What do you want to talk about?" Luke asked. Tony lingered in the doorway as Jake entered the room.

"Jaycee, how do you feel about her?"

"I think she is a wonderful girl and nothing will ever change that." Luke crossed his arms over his chest. Tony bobbed his head and they left the room, pulling the door closed behind them.

"I told you this was a bad idea." Tony said queitly. "He is going to fall in love with her. He is going to die for her. I won't let that happen. I have no problem removing this issue from the path, I'll gladly do it. So what's it going to be Jake? Me... or you?"

There was a long pause before Jake answered his cousin. "I'll take care of it."

The End

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