All Fun And Games

I honked the horn, again. After sitting in the driveway for a half hour, Jamie finally came out of the house. She threw her bag in the bed of my truck, then hopped in the front seat.

My brother decided to let the dog in...covered in mud.” She laughed when she finally caught her breath. Her hair was dowsed in mud and dog hair. There were even specks of dirt on her face. “Let's just say he wasn't able to catch the dog.”

I think you need a shower.” I giggled. “Have you seen your hair?” At first she looked confused, then she gasped and dropped down the mirror in the visor.

Do you have a ponytail?” She asked. I pulled one off my wrist and handed it to her. She whipped her hair up in a messy ponytail and flipped the mirror back up. “Just let me shower before you invite any cute boys over.” She teased.

I back the truck out of the driveway and headed towards my house. “Sorry to burst your bubble, but no boys allowed over while my parents are gone.” I laughed a little. She gave me a strange look.. “Mrs. Nelson is keeping an eye on us.”

Are you serious?” She doubled over laughing. “How is that old bat gonna keep up with our awesomeness?”

Our awesomeness? Now I know you've been reading to many books.” I couldn't stop laughing.

You know what we should do tonight?” I parked in my driveway. Taking out the key I looked at her. She smiled as she got out of the truck.

What?” I asked getting out.

Invite the Bravehearts over.” She pulled out her phone and started dialing.

Jamie no” I chased her around the house.

Hey Jake wanna come to a party tonight?” She spoke into her phone. “Yea bring as many people as you want.” I just barely missed her phone as she spun and ran the other way. “Don't forget to bring your brother.” she paused “Well don't you two run in like a pack or something?” A startled response shot back through the speaker. “N-nothing,” she stammered, “I just- You both are always together-”He cut her off. I stopped in my tracts trying to avoid colliding with her. The speaker on her phone crackled.

What's going on Jamie?” I questioned. “Why is he yelling at you?” the demand for an answer flowed into my words as I spoke. “He has no right to do that!”

Jay it's fine” She said as her eyes began to tear up. I yanked the phone out of her hand.

What the heck are you yelling at her for?” I demanded.

Who's this?” He asked.

Jaycee” I resisted the urge to cross my arms.

Oh little Jaycee Lee, how nice of you to bud in where you certainly don't belong.” He made it clear that I wasn't welcome this their conversation or in their relationship.

Look here, I care about Jamie a whole lot more than you do. So don't you even dare say that I have no place to step in when my best friend in the whole world is on the brink of bursting into tears because her boyfriend is yelling up a storm at her.” I stopped to take a breath. It had always bugged me that Jake treated Jamie like crap and she treated him like a god.

You listen to me.” He voice dropped low, almost to a growl. “I care for her on a deeper level then you can even imagine. She is my world.”

I stepped away from Jamie, lowering my voice. “If she is your world then you better start acting like it.” Handing Jamie her phone, I turned and stormed into the house. Daniel was sitting in the kitchen.

What's wrong with you?” He asked biting into a donut.

Jacob Braveheart is pissing me off.” I searched the fridge for a bottle of water.

Well you might want to get over that soon.” I looked at him questioningly. “He's obviously coming over later with that huge party.”

What?” I nearly spit out the water in my mouth. “What party?”

It's all over the web.” He laughed. I took his laptop from him and scrolled down the page.

There has to be a least fifty names on this list.” I began to panic. Mrs. Nelson would tell mom and mom would kill me. I was doomed. There was a knock on the door. Daniel jumped off the counter spilling my bottle of water down the front of my shirt. “Thanks” I glared at him. Heading down the stairs I overheard Daniel answer the door.

Hey Luke, how you doing man?” Daniel asked.

Not bad bro” Luke said. I stopped half way down and listened. “Is your sister home?”

Yea she just ran down stairs, should be back up in a minute. Come on in.” I heard the door shut.

I hurried to my room and tried to find a cute top. Eventually I settled for a black shirt with blaze orange lettering and a pair of jean shorts. Setting my shoes back in my closet, I walked into my bathroom. Quickly I yanked the brush through my hair. Barefoot I made my way back to the stairs. Luke was sitting on a stool next to the kitchen counter talking to Daniel.

Hey Jaycee” Luke turned as soon as I entered the room. His smiled seemed to make everything brighter.

Hi” I said. Daniel took a hint and left the room.

So, I heard about the party my brother is throwing at your house. How did that happen?”

Jamie kinda told him to.” My eyes kept dodging his gaze.

Well that makes sense.” He chuckled, running his hand through his hair. It seemed like he was trying to catch my gaze. “Are you alright? You seem jumpy.”

I'm just worried.” I muttered.

Worried?” He voice was soft. “What are you worried about?”

Your brother” I laughed a little. “My neighbor is supposed to keep an eye on us and she will kill me if she find out we are having a party.”

"Don't worry about Jake.He has never had the cops called on him when he throws a party Trut me there is nothing your neighbor can do to get you in trouble."

"Oh really?" I asked, "What if she tells my parents? Then what? I'm be dead and never get to see day light again."

"Alright I'll make a deal with you then. I fix your annoying neighbr probelm. In return you have to do me a favor."

"What kind of favor?" My lips turned up in a smile.

"Well, it's about your party tonight." He stopped talking for a minute. I glanced up from my hands to find him looking at me. His eyes were soft and caring. I couldn't help getting lost in them. He seemed to be in the same daze as me. "Jaycee will you be my date tonight?"

The End

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