The Sufferer

Someone (*I haven't decided on any names for the characters yet) is given the chance to undo something someone else did...but is that really a purpose -to be the one to clean after someone else's mess -? If only altruism were more cut and dry. I also have no idea how old she should be at the onset, but anyway, I'll figure it out as I go along >.< We'll all learn together :3
(*It's my first time doing an "adventure" for any of my works, too, so I really have no idea where this is going ^^;)

"It's not everyday that you get to see that." Father cajoled.
"See what?" his daughter inquired, nearly jumping from her seat.
"Oh...just making sure you were paying attention."
"Daaad." she huffed. She had been daydreaming since she was bored with 'sightseeing.' She and her parents were taking a road trip: she had already completed her big book of puzzles and was being lulled into waking slumber. She wished she wasn't interrupted but since she was curious, she began peering through all the windows to spy something, anything, interesting. Seeing nothing of the kind, she settled back down and was prepared to dream again when the car swerved.
Luckily, rather, per law, she was wearing her seatbelt (*ha, ha ~comma splices). Alas but for her big bright backpack all other paraphernalia slid to the floor or launched into the backs of the front seats.
"Did you see that?" her mother exclaimed after checking to see if her daughter was okay. WHY was everyone asking her to see something; WHAT could she possibly be missing?!
"What?" she asked with exasperation.
"Your father almost hit a fox."
"But I didn't hit it! In my defense, it already looked dead, but moved as we got closer."
"Oh dad! I guess it's really not something you see everyday."
They all laughed. Pretty soon they forgot the incident as they continued on their journey. Pulling up at a gas station, the father got out of the car to use the self serve pump.
" doesn't accept my credit card...honey, could you go inside and pay $50?" He began looking through his wallet for spare cash but she shook her head indicating she got this. The daughter was squirming in her seat. The realization it may be one of the last stops for awhile agitated her; she really didn't have to go but she should go.
"Dad!" she called out.
"What's wrong?"
"I want to go to the restroom."
"Ah...can you wait for mommy to return?" She nods, and it wasn't long before the mother came out, carrying a bag.
"Mommy! I want to go to the restroom." Her mom nods and takes her hand. They walk inside together. "I don't really have to go, but I think I should."
"That's a very mature comment...who is this girl and what did she do with my daughter?" Mom asks with mock astonishment. She laughs at her mom and shakes her head. They approach the counter and the mother asks the clerk for the key to the restroom.
"I'm sorry, you'll have to use the men's restroom. We're currently remodeling the ladies' room."
"Oh...?" her mother said using that tone of 'something is wrong but our daughter's too young to know.' What was so strange with remodeling a restroom? Isn't it a good thing, especially at a gas station, especially the ladies' room? But a bathroom is a bathroom; she wasn't interested in the details anyway, and stored that information for future reference. She leaves the grownups to do their talking and heads for the men's room. There was one urinal and one stall, its door slightly ajar. She raises her hand to knock on the door, for she has manners, and when there was no answer, opens it the rest of the way, and gasps.


The End

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