Looking for me?Mature

I sighed, tossed the crossword down. Fifteenth time and the bloody thing was still as inscrutable as the first time. Ditto the sudoku. I sat back in my mobile prison, staring at the ceiling. God, I hated sitting here twiddling my thumbs. I wish someone could have kept me filled in on what was going on, but everyone was busy. Upstairs a floorboard creaked, but I wasn't bothered. This house is quite old, and often you get strange noises when it's quiet.

A knock at the door disturbed my train of thought. I wheeled into the hall heading towards the front door. All that I could see through the distorting glass was a tall dark figure. I unlocked the door and opened it to see the lanky figure of Yu.

'Sorry to disturb you, but I thought you might want to know what's happened. To cut a long story short, there is no trail, no suspect. We have no name, no identity, not even a face. It was always a bit futile, I guess.'

'I suppose. It kind of sucks though.'

'Yup. Mind if I use the toilet?'

'Have a ball.' I muttered.

While Yu was busy, I sat in the living room feeling shitty. I should have realised it wouldn't come to anything. I heard the flush and then Yu came back down to see me.

'Anyway, I'd best be off. Sorry about the bad news.'

'No problem, good to see you. Drop in from time to time'

Yu smiled, turned around to leave and then froze. A loud thunk echoed through the room, and then Yu collapsed backwards, revealing a livid bruise on his temple. And behind him was stood...oh shit.

Ever since childhood I'd been afraid of clowns. Needless to say that the sight of one which had just clobbered Yu senseless and was now coming towards me was enough to freeze me rigid with fear. The face and the laughter echoed throughout my mind, defeaning any rational thoughts of fight or attempts to escape. He pulled out a knife and knelt down beside the chair. The little sane part of me noticed that the knife was just like the one that the flying man had carried, maybe even, if this was the new target, the same knife.

'So, so afraid,' cackled the clown, in a nasal whine. His eyes were just dark pools, sucking all remaining resistance out of me.

'But what of? Death? Don't worry, it won't come too soon. We wouldn't want that now, would we?'

He ran the knife edge along the side of my face, just lightly enough to not cut the skin and grinned wider.

'I beleive your friends were looking for me. Well, here I am.'

He began to slash at my body, each slash a line of burning pain, yet nowhere near damaging enough to kill me. I howled in agony as flecks of blood, my blood, sprayed across the room. The clown laughed higher and louder as my blood spattered everywhere, licking it off his own lips. 

This agony lasted for about ten minutes, then I was left, with Yu still out cold, to slowly bleed to death from the thousand or so cuts that crisscrossed my mangled body, including two deep ones down the length of my arm to ensure that I did die.

I realised from the way that the blood continued to ooze out of my body that there most have been an anti-clotting agent on the blade to prevent the wounds from sealing. My brain throbbed more and more painfully as I sat slumped in my wheelchair surrounded by a pool of red. Yu came round and ran over to me, shouting. The cries were drowned out by the pounding in my mind as a rushing sound filled my head and darkness clouded my vision.

The End

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