The Dubitable LeadMature

I got home feeling utterly miserable. I had nothing left to do, no reason to continue this miserable crippled half-life. I thought I'd go and get my standard issue police firearm and shoot myself in the head. End the pain. End the misery. End my life.

Then I realised it was upstairs. I had no ramp, no stairlift to get to it. I was trapped once again by my damaged, disabeld body. Nothing I could think of would work. I decided instead to stab myself with a kitchen knife. Longer and more painful, but still effective. But, when I was on my way to the kitchen, I saw something that made me stop in my tracks.

The computer flicker into life.

I wheeled over. It was definately on. The only problem was, the computer was switched off at the socket. I looked at the screen, to see that a text document had opened and started writing itself. I frantically waved the mouse around. Nothing happened. Grabbed the keyboard, hammered the keys. Pulled out the plug and disconnected the power cable. No effect. In a state of panic, I read the screen:

Do you really think the chase is over? The suspect  has been found dead, killed by his own weapon. It seems like suicide. But how could he stab himself in the back? He couldn't. There is more at work here than you think. Black Jack has returned to continue his predations. He is shifting, adapting, throwing you off the scent. Find who stabbed your suspect and you will be back on his trail. But this is no ordinary pursuit. Life itself is a hindrance here. Your corporeal existence delays your pregress and limits your searches. Only when released will you be truly a threat and nemesis to him. You must end your life to become alive. Nothing is as it seems. You can trust no-one. And yes, I am so sad as to possess your computer. I may be seeing you later... ;)

I finished reading and sat back in shock. I must have stayed there long after the screen blinked out. Eventually I must have fallen asleep, but I don't know when.

The End

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