Case closedMature

On arrival at the morgue, I was met by the chief. Mike Todd was a broad man, with a ruddy complexion and 20 a day habit. He rolled his own and had one of his little dogends stuck in his mouth perpetually. He was a gruff, blunt and implacable guy, but he was the kind of boss you respect. One who does his job well and expects you to do better. And boy did he set the bar high. First in, last out.

"We've got another one who appears to be a victim of your flying killer." he said, with a mocking hint to his voice. It was clear he didn't believe a word of my report, filed while convalescing.

"What makes you think so?" I asked.

"Same method, down to the size and position of wound. Stab in the back, penetrating heart and left lung, emerging from the centre of the thorax, caused by a blade about 1 cm wide and 30 cm long" said Dr. Yu. Yu had come straight into the force from university and was the official forensic expert of the force. Born to Chinese immigrants, he had swiftly assimilated into his adopted country, leaving university with an honours in forensic pathology. Slightly built and short, he looked like a joke next to the huge figure of Todd. His jet-black hair was erratic, a pair of glasses balanced in front of piercing brown eyes. He was a very nervy person away from situations he was unfamiliar with, meaning anywhere that wasn't either an operating table or hade blood soaking into the floor. He was respected among the force for dedication and being able to shove his hands into someone else's guts without feeling the slightest bit sick. Some of the less pleasant members of the force would probably have tried to pick on him were it not for the gleam that came into his eyes when he had his scalpel in hand.

"Let's see the corpse then" I said.

Yu whipped the cover off his table and I cried out in horror.

"That's...that's..." I stuttered.

"You know this man?" said Todd. "Who is he? We've got no information on him."

"He's the killer" I cried out.

And it was. The pale features, already seemingly dead, were just the same. The mere sight of the face sent a wave of burning ice needles stabbing up my damaged spine, remembering the force of the impact. And now he was dead. The bastard. I hadn't even got started on him yet. But the bloodstained shirt and chest wound left no doubt about that.

"Are you sure?" asked Yu.

"Yes! How the hell am I suppossed to forget the face that broke my spine?!"

Todd took a deep, satisfied drag on his cigarette and ground it out on the floor, eliciting a disapproving glare from Yu.

"Well, gentlemen, it looks like case closed. Thank you for your help, Garret. Sorry to hear about the back. You were a good officer, and you were on the road to greatness."

With that he walked out. Yu shot me an apologising look before rushing off to clean up Todd's cigarette end. And that was that. I was finished with, useless, no reason to carry on living.

The End

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