Traveling forwardMature

You take a moment to think on it, 'The World of Fog, Taco Tuesday, or a Rope Ladder?' You ask alloud. Bob nods, his eyes glancing over at Negat and the Blurred you, not really caring if either take offense.
'Let's go to The world of Fog, sounds like a real trip!' You decide, Bob smiles a little bit, and you notice of the Memories shift uneasily in their places. As if they were born of the World of Fog, and until this very moment, had no recollection of their time in it. Naget and the Blurred You look at each other, Negat shrugged, while the Blurred You simply huffed.
 "I was REALLY in the mood for the giant Taco." They huff.
Negat pats them on the back, "Maybe next time?"

Bob simply shrugs his shoulders. "I've got to warn you, World of Fog is no joke. Memories you see wandering around here? They are the predators there. Each of them, outside their own world, is harmless as a butterfly." 
You shrug your shoulders, dismissing the idea they could be anything but bumbling little idiots. 
Negat shakes his head, worried at your simple foolishness. "You... REALLY don't understand, these Memories that are wandering from Jamba juice to Jamba Juice, not really ordering aything? They aren't looking for stupid nutrition, they're looking for a way back home. You've just chosen the way back, whether it was by your own volition, or by some unknown influence." 
Bob again shrugs, looking at you directly. "All in all, your decision. Those two over there? Where ever you go, they go. So... you're pretty much alone. well, no time like the present!"
He flings a random glass to t he ground, the much beloved logo of Jamba Juice shattering on the ground like so many fireworks. 

The pieces shake, a little at first, then with growing intensity, after a while the Memories congregate around you, Bob, Negat, and the Blurred You, not menacingly, just standing there. 
The broken logo eats away at the ground till there's a shimmering pool of grey water, only a few inches deep. Bob motions for you to go first, and with a hesitation filled gasp of air, you slowly, cautiously walk into the pool. 
The water begins sloshing at the bottoms of your feet, like waves crashing on the beach, each time pulling you in just al ittle bit deeper.
Feeling as though your sinking in a thick death trap, you begin to thrash around, though Negat and the Blurred You don't seem at all concerned. 
"You'll be fine!" They shout, smiling and waving. 
It's at that moment you notice a horrifying new detail, the Memories. 

You watch with a gross horror as their heads begin to shake just a little.
Moving with such speed as to cause motion trails.
Just for an instant, you see mouths. 
Mouths lined with great nashing teeth.
Serated sword like things jammed half assed into their upper and lower jaws.
They step closer.
Your friends waving faster, still smiling. 
Yet again, they move closer. 
Still, your friends keep waving at you.

Then one of the Memories opens their mouth wide and takes a huge bite out of Negat's shoulder, thrashing its head left and right, tearing away till strands of muscle and greyish white blood pour down his chest. You scream silently, hands frozen in the pool as the Memories converge on Bob, Negat, and the Blurred You. 
Your decent speeds up, and the last thing you see of that place is Bob, shrugging at you with just a bored looking acceptance. As if this wer just another day in his life. A Memory jumps from behind him, its mouth wide open, row upon row of sharp teeth digging into his head. 

"Don't worry, we'll be fine." He yawns, his remaining eye blinking painlessly.

The pool swallows you up, and the pulling sensation intensifies, sinking you deeper into your dream. The greyish white drops of blood slipping into the water, dropping like rocks as the liquid spreads around you, growing till all you see is a greyish white plain of nothingness for miles around. 
You open your mouth to scream, and the strangish liquid floods inside your mouth, clouding your vision. 
Turning everything into darkness. 
You wake up, vision blurred, head throbbing, mouth dry.
You look around, expecting to be in some plain of nothingness, only to find that you've simply woken up in your bedroom.

The alarm blares next to your head. You look over, only to find that you've forty five minutes to get ready for work. The events of the dream locked away till the next night. You get out of bed, feet on the floor, your hand reaching for a cup of coffee.

The End

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