Memories of noneMature

"Bob, what were going to say?" Negat asks calmly, the Blurred you stammering in disbelief at your inaction. 
"I told you to fight it! That thing is pure darkness, your every-" They scream and pound their fist into their open hand, wondering if you'll simply take the bait. 
Bob, smply hands out a Thorough bread Booster to a passing memory, happy in their oblivious contentment. "We have three destinations for you to travel to. Different worlds, but at the same time, very lovely places all together." 
'What do you mean? I thought we could only go to one place at a time!' Negat, Bob, and the Blurred You all laugh a little. They know this world of theirs will simply be scrambled and recooked the moment you wake up. 
"You're cute, this guy, eh!?" Bob simply spouts before returning to his previous line of thought.
Negat pulls the Blurred you aside while Bob organizes his thoughts, and you hear some slight arguing. The words are muffled beyond reasoning, but they both look extremely worried about something. You start to walk over to them when Bob reaches out and grabs your arm, a stern look in his eye. 
"Them's the Ego and the Id, the light and the dark, both the good and the bad. They're the parts of you that you have no control over." He whispers darkly. You wonder what exactly is going on, where this sudden burst of hostility is coming from, but before he can utter another word of warning both Negat and the Blurred You walk back, a false calm locked on their faces from what you can tell anyway. 
"Those three places, bob?" Negat asks again, the gears and springs in his neck, tightening and loosening at the same time. 
"Right, the first is the World in the Fog, basically shrink you down till the very quarks in atoms become the universe themselves. After that comes Taco tuesday, in which we just shove you in a giant Taco and let you sort the mess out for yourself, and finally, we have Fulcrum, which is pretty much a rope ladder someone left behind." 
'Why would someone leave a rope ladder behind?' you ask, confused as you'd ever become.
"Better question, why is it an entire world?" Bob replied, smacking the counter to his Jamba Juice shack hearily. 
The Blurred you and Negat simply look at you, waiting for your decision. 
The Memories stop suddenly too, as if your decision would affect them in every way. You stand silent, not even sure how to proceed, and then you make your decision.

The End

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