On wards and upwardsMature

'What was that thing?' You ask them, all at once tired from your ordeal. 
"That," The blurred You replies, "Was every negative emotion, experience, and idea, you've ever felt. It's just as much a part of you, as I am, here, eat this, it'll help you feel better." They explain, handing you an object. it feels heavy in your hand, and you can't quite look at it without glancing away shortly thereafter. You sigh in resignation, knowing that whatever it is the Blurred You handed over can't possibly harm you.
'So, that thing,' You ask between bites, whatever it is that you're eating, it certainly does have a familiar taste to it, 'Is everything bad that I've ever experienced?'
"Yep! We have other places to go to before you wake up, so it's vital that we hurry!" The Blurred You states, their face lighting up with, what you're barely able to discern, a smile. the next thing you know, both of you are in a culdesac like village of nothing but Jamba Juices, with people milling about from one location to the enxt getting whatever order they please. It takes you a minute to figure out what's actually going on.
You try to find you hands, and for the most part, succeed.

The ground feels like grass, but the look of it is like a thick as pea soup fog bank. The peopls faces are but blurs to you, as are their hands, you try to figure out where this place is, but the Blurred You pulls you along, as though you two are attached by some hidden link. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot a familiar face, they see you, waving you over instinctually. Blurred You watches as you, for a change, pull them around the Culdesac of Jamba Juice locations. the ground feelss a little spongy as you cross the large circular area, Blurred You screaming for you to stop, that it's pointless, but you don't listen. 
'Hi!' You say cheerfully, the familiar face continuing to wave, smiling in a way that seems all too distant.
"It's useless to talk with these... Things. We're in your mind, the Inner World! Haven't I explained that to you before!? this person, this thing that you think is alive!?" They angrily shout over the din of the other people simply going about their business paying no heed, for the moment, to what the Blurred You is yelling about. "This thing is a memory of a person you know, a recollection, an impulse of energy given physical form!" To prove their point, the Blurred You throws a punch right at the familiar face, their balled fists whiffing through the familiar faces form without so much as a sideways glance.
"See? they aren't alive... Memoriess only go through a cycle of movements and words of the memory of the person they're associated with. you hang around a memory long enough..." Their voice trails off, their head turns to the sound of a distant roar, "No time to explain, we have to go! That big ball of Negative things, yeah, it's headed this way! Think you can pull out another big win for us!?" They ask, the form of the Negative slamming in the middle of the Culdesac of Jamba Juices, clamping down on many of the Memories, making them explode into puffs of florescent pink mist. 
'Wait a minute!' You ask outright, 'How come you're unable to do a thing to the Memories, but when that thing munches on them, they just explode!?'  Blurred You looks at you with more anxiety than fear, looks to the Familiar Face, who simply continues waving, and just shrugs. 
"I dunno, something about pthe psychological consstraints of positive connections to memories have little effect on the over all life span- Look, we don't have time! Are you going to knock that big old ball of angst out of the park, or are you going to run away!?" 
You're about to make your choice when the Negative picks up your scent and lunges towards you, but without any rampant animosity towards your person. with a final jump, it lands right in front of you, shifting its form till it seems almost like a cloud covered humanoid.
"About time I caught up with you. Hi Bob!" It says cheerfully in growling tones towards the man behind the counter of the closest Jamba Juice.
"Hello Negat, what's your poison?" bob says, remarkably calm about thiss occurance. 
"I really just wanted to catch up to this person,  every night in the Inner World is a different distance to travel, you know that right?" Negat says slightly without emotion, but the expression on their face seems to imply they might be happy. 
Blurred You becomes frantic, Negat pays them little attention. "What do you suggest, Bob?"

The End

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