As if  nothing had changed, you continue running away, the explosions and fighting behind you intensify. The screams of the Blurred You are so far away, but loud enough that you start to fear for your own life.
"I c-c-can't hold it back much longer! I need you hel-" The screams suddenly cut off as a roar of rage ruptures from the gorund around you. The swirling mass at the edge of your sight creeps just a little bit closer, but stays there. 
A laugh of insidious intent secretly stirs in your mind, 'I knew you didn't have it in you, you are strong enough.' It whispers into your ear, 'The Inward World does not care for your kind, that which runs and hides in fear of the harm they might inflict upon themselves! This beast, created from your cowardly action, shall hunt you down, never killing you, only growing stronger from your fear!' You start shivering from the sudden drop in temperature, but you continue running away from the thing behind you, your speed only growing till you hit a sudden ramping path. The ramp steeply rises upward and stopping, launching you int the direction of an island of thick ancient ruins infested with dark purple vines covered in long thorns. 
'This will hurt, but never kill.' This voice continues, taking great pride in your unease as the islands details quickly grow by the second.

The End

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