You continue running, jumping into the air, turning around, and and peeling back towards the sounds of the intense fighting. The Swirling Mass backing away as you feel yourself grow only stronger. The Blurred You is almost over taken, but with a swift uppercut, you knock away the largely compressed mass of depressing thoughts that would've otherwise obliterated them. 
"Thank you!" They say, happy for your assist, "now, let's kick this things ass! The longer we take, the stronger it becomes! So... You know, get to killing it fast!" The Blurred You encourages, its words filling you with strength, as you charge headlong into the rain of depressing thoughts main form. 
Your eyes sting just a little bit as it becomes quite clear that you are outmatched, the body of your enemy is that of your worst fear, mutated into a giant many limbed thing, with many heads of increasing nitmarishness. 
'I can't kill you.'
'You're too strong.' 
'You'll kill me.'
'There is nothing I can do.' 
The drops of rain soak you in its poisoned thoughts, but you fight on, determined not to let the fear slow you down for even a bit. The intensity of the fighting increases, as does the creatures ferocity and ways it has to damage you.
"Keep it up! You've almost killed it!" The Blurred You shouts, offering help in the form of beams of light that pierce holes in the creatures hide.

A few hours later, the rain of depressing thoughts ends, the creatures form turns into a wisp of red smoke, replaced by a small cube of blue light. 
"You did it!" The Blurred You states happily, noting that you're exhausted by the ordeal. 
'What was that!?' You think, your thoughts translated to spoken word. 
"That," The Blurred You states, "is something you'll come in contact with repeatedly... It's as much a part of you as I am, only difference is, it'll try to hurt you, badly. As much as I would love to explain further, you're about to wake up!"

The End

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