Tough choices...Mature

You seem to get a clearer picture of your surroundings. The only thing that's out of focus, are your own hands. You feel the ground shake a little as the sky above you ruptures into a rain storm of depressing thoughts that you've had in the past. 
"Great," it says outloud, you look for the source of the voice, but you find nothing, nothing but a person shaped blur, almost as if your mind can't quite wrap itself around the idea of a second you. the only thing about that person, are the eyes, blank, white, but somehow, you're able to feel where it's looking.
"Hey! Snap out of it! This is no time to be amazed by the Inward World! You have to get running rightnow!" It shouts, pointing a blurry appendage at the distance infront of you. you hear a tyrendous roar in the back ground as the rain of depressing thoughts closes in.
'It's right,' You think to yourself, 'I have to keep running.'
You put your thoughts to action, and to your surprise, each time your feet hit the ground, you travel just a little bit faster and faster, the wind picking up, pressing against you, trying futily to hold you back. Behind you, you hear the sounds of battle between the Blurred person, and the storm of depressing thoughts. In your head, there are two optiions. keep going forward, or turn back and help out the other you.

You begin to slow down as the chains of time cause all movement to stop, and in the fraction of a second that turns into an eternity, you take in everything that you see as you make your choice. 
There are several thousand islands floating around your being. It's only in the immediate surrounding five hundred feet that the sky, land, and whatever source of water there is nearby that's clearly defined. there are forests, deserts, valleys, and multiple roller coaster like paths that lead off to different islands in the distance. 
Beyond the limited sight range, the features blur into a greyish black swirling cloud of unease, as if the danger is always present, but forever waiting for you to make a mistake. Time slowly begins crawl forward, the swirling mass around you suddenly spawns hudreds of camera lenses and eyes of all shapes and colors. 
Your mind clicks into focus, your hands become clear, and the only thing beyond this new focus, is a choice that could help or hinder you in the long run.

The End

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