Wide asleep...Mature

"Sleep, it's a weird trip into the mind scape, a loss of control, a dive into what we fear, love, hate, forgive, a clouded darkness, speculated by a purplish, pink, and yellow static. I live here, hell, in some ways, you and I? We are the ones who're the closest ANY two people can become." the voice says as you fall deeper into a sleep. It's a very familiar one, almost like your own speaking voice. but the tone is different, off some how. 
It sounds far off, but at the same time, incredibly close. 
"I know you can hear me, not in the way that you can hear others in the Outward World, but in the way that you hear peoples voices in memories. Is this a recording? Am I in the past right now, sending messages to you at some point in the future? Is Zayn Malik's leaving One Direction a permanent thing?" the voice says, unsure of it's own weight, or truth. You start to dream, your mind creating the landscape for tonights adventure. though unknown to you, this dream though only taking place in a single night, might take longer to get through than normal, though you'll only be able to recall parts of it.
"Alrighty," The voice says, becoming agitated, "that's enough of that. Time to get up, we've got a lot of ground to cover, and knowing... Whatever it is you've cooked up tonight, knowing you, it isn't to happy about the other night. Especially when you-" the voice pauses, rousing the mentally conjured body that you've pieced together, "We've got to get out of the open... It REALLY isn't the greatest place to be at the start of Dreams. And yeah, your choice of clothes? really didn't suit the day you had going for you, come on, upsy daisy with you!"

you stand up, your vision blurred, and the shape, though slowly coming into focus, doesn't surprise you in the least. "Hi, took you long enough to get here! They know, I know, and you know, so let's go already."

The End

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