Let me ask you some important questions, and hopefully, you'll understand. 
Do you sometimes have a conversation with yourself?

Do you come out of it, completely at a loss for how or where you mentally went while you had it?
More importantly, what would you think if that, Other You, wasn't REALLY you at all? What if it was a bunch of leftover pieces of your personality that got left behind while YOU grew up?
Everyone is aware of the outward world, it's what we experience on a DAILY basis. But, what about the inward one, where our dreams and nightmares are created? 
Where this... Other You resides, hidden away from the Outward World? 
All of these questions are just begging to be answered, right? 
That tug you feel on the inside deep within your mind, urging you forward, RIGHT NOW? 
Say hello to the Other You.
This is for them, and they want you to read this. 
Sometimes, all you need?
Is just to give them a little L-O-V-E.

The End

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