October 22nd, 1997, 2:52AMMature

He blinked.
He blinked again, his eyelid half shutting, almost squinting as something hit him in the back of the head.
The Teenage boy was distracted with his own thoughts, half attempting to write something in his notebook, a dream, a thought, a sketch, it didn't matter, he was always writing or drawing something.
Another thing hit him in the back of the head, the school bus rolled to a stop, the door swung open, and for a while, he simply stood there, mind groggy from having to get up early, watching with a kind of frozen fascination as the gray sky gradually started to warm up with the mornings sunrise.
The bus driver cleared his throat loud enough for the teen to take notice.
"Well?" She said impatiently, rapping the fingers on her right hand on the steering wheel.
He was scared, he looked behind him, his parents waiting expectantly for him to get on the bus. His little sister stood there, her Pink Ranger shirt hung loose, a straw in her left hand. She was only eight, he simply gulped.
"It'll be alright, you'll make lots of friends!" His dad chimed up, dark circles underneath his eyes from lack of sleep trying to get  the details just right on his latest project. 

He sighed, got down on a knee, and brought his nervous son in for a giant hug. "You'll be fine, after all, Grandpa is the vice principal! Though, you still need to behave..."
There was a slight darkness to his dads voice that always suggested something more sinister was going on, though, for the most part, it might've been the arguments he and their mother were having over grown up issues.
He nodded silently, not even sure how to respond, pushed his dad away, wiped a tear from his sisters eyes, smiled, and got on the bus. He made his way between the many rows of seats, nervous of touching anyone or anything. He desperately wanted to make a good impression on the other kids, but just couldn't find the voice.
He saw a few seats available, the half seat in the back, across from it was a girl who was staring out the window, her eyes seemed empty, or maybe it was just the amount of make up that she had applied, he couldn't figure it out.

A little closer was a seat, its occupant, a nervous looking kid, looking not much older than himself. He had on glasses, a Sonic the hedgehog lunchbox tightly gripped in his right hand, his left arm was wrapped in a cast.
The bandaging had many signatures and well wishes all around it,  he sighed, looking around the school bus, finally locking his stark blue eyes with the boys own grey ones. closer up was the seat right next to the driver, it was empty, thought the seat behind it was occupied by a few rowdy kids that were laughing at some personal joke. He looked at the Driver, and she simply sighed, unbuckled her seat belt, and chose the seat with the nervous looking kid in it.
"Sit down, we're going to be late, this is my son, Ken. Make with the talking while I get you to school." she said grouchily, not wanting to be anymore late then was needed. "H-h-h-hi!" Ken meakly greeted the boy, putting his Sonic the Hedgehog lunchbox underneath his tightly bandaged arm. "Hey," he said in reply, his mind else where.
"S-s-s-so w-what's y-your name?" Ken asked, happy for any chance to talk to someone. "I'm Zikmund, it means victorious protector... You like Sonic?"
Ken smiled brightly, his blue eyes shining like great blue diamonds in the first rays of the summer sun. "I love Sonic! He's super cool! And he has these red running shoes that let him beat up robots! What about you? Do like Sonic too?"
Zikmund smiled, but shook his head, "No, I like Mario, he gets to save Princess Peach and beat up Bowser!" Ken looked defeated, but Zikmund clapped him on the back, "I bet if Mario and sonic teamed up against Bowser and Eggman, they'd be unstoppable! Did you know that Mario shoots fireballs?" He asked, he voice just a bit lower on the register. 

"Yeah, Sonic turns into Super Sonic if he gets a chaos emerald! His hair goes fwoosh!" Ken energetically raised his healthy arm over his hair to make a point. The two boys continued to talk about the adventures of Mario and Sonic, and how cool it'd be if they teamed up on various adventures for the remainder of the ten minute bus ride to North Star Middle School.

The End

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