"You feel that?" A voice, huanted, driven insane, whispering into the wandering souls ear as if to drive them to the same fate. The wandering soul twists its attention around to see where the voice was coming from, but none was to be seen. After a while, it continued towards the violent red fog liquid like fog, the screams and laughter of the thing drawing the fears, traumas, and nightmares of the wandering soul to the surface, sending a cold spine tingling shiver throughout its form.
"This is the path of Nightmares... In this room, a child spoke to the darkness, a monster enraged, an attack happened with no justification, no reasoning. Innocence lost, the unceasing hatred and fear of retribution drawn to its final confusion, the nightmare ended... At least for now!" The voice laughed, cold blooded, uninterested in whatever made the wandering soul comfortable. Insects, clowns, blood, gore splattered out of the path of the nightmare, tentacles with sharp spines, eyes that were beastly in nature, larger than should be allowed, blood shot glared at the wandering soul drawn into its hungry maw.
"This will eat you alive, prey on your insecurities, pull you into the awaiting edge of a blade, or the punishing bluntness of the grossly insane! We'll have lots of... Fun... With you! Yes! we will!"

The wondering soul continued on, the pulse that kept it working sped up, the voice creeping behind it, silent, screaming out in occasion as the distance between it and the gory, blood splattered path spread out. The smell of the journey it might undertake overwhelming it, causing it to stop and vomit up whatever cautions it might've had.
"We'll drive you mad! insane! We'll show you the darkest of the dark! situations that  will affect you and yours for times to come in unimaginable ways! COME HERE!" The voice of the white shadow roared happily, unhinged, reaching, drawing out the long blade, serrated, rusted, blood caked, prodding the soul forward, the laughter never stopping, always pressing onward, the deeper the tip of the knife pressed into the surface of the form of the soul the more it squealed in panic, horrified at the sight that awaited. 

"Oh, don't worry, here, you'll be seen, you'll be felt, you'll be hunted, haunted, and stalked by monsters that only you've been afraid of since you were pissing in your bed! In the end, your insides will be sucked out of your nose while you'll be wide awake, and we'll not care for your squeamishness!" The voice roared and with a final push, the blade ripped into the wandering soul, trauma wracked it's mind, panic infused it's thoughts. The voice of the white shadow laughed while the spiny tentacles wrapped themselves around the two, drawing them ever closer to the red path of the Nightmare.

"You may become stronger... but we'll always be stronger than you... Always... run away from us, and you'll be devoured. Fight us, and you'll be hung by your own intestines." 

The End

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