"The is the path of Reality. Realism, detail, no more exaggeration, truth of everything. In this, you will be confronted with the ugliness that isn't for others, but you chose that which needn't be explained." The voice of the Room said. Flat, unfeeling, unwanted of the attention the wandering soul has given it.
"This reality, is that a child was murdered here by their drunk parent, and out of grief, the parent killed themselves. The police investigated this homicide, the newspapers reported it, and the grandparents and spouse of the killer said their piece." The twisting vines, covered in thorns dripping with sensation enhancing chemicals, twisted silently, not caring if there was a target, nothing, or food nearby, they were simply plants, reacting to whatever stimuli happened to be there. There was no magic in them, no bigger purpose, they grew into the distance because that was where the the sun was shining from. 

The voice of the room continued, intelligent, horrific and uninterested in whatever the craving of the wandering soul might've had. "In this path, this ladder of vegetation, you will find naught but what is the truth of whatever situation you find yourself. Words on a screen, written by a shirtless man in a garage on a hot summers days, afternoon or night, infused with the energy of an entire pot of coffee, writing whatever comes to his mind." the wandering soul continued on, drawn in by the speculation of fact over fiction, truth over lie, what is there over what could never be.

"You will be unheard, unseen, unfeeling, unknown, you will be a detective, piecing together bits and pieces of information that you may come across... And when you are ready, you will find yourself confronted with your ultimate adversary. Start climbing into this reality of Fact." The voice of the Room commanded, the wandering soul sprouted arms, legs, a face, and a torso and did as instructed. The thorns of the vines stabbing through its physical form, the chemicals within injecting deep into the souls form, till it had a circulatory system. 

The End

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