"The path of joy, laughter, imagination... this is the choice you have made." the voice of the Child echoes from the distance as a wandering soul, light blue, green eyes, red pupils, is seemingly drawn into the void with the three paths.

"This is the path of warmth, love, and kindness. It s the journey of the mind into the deepest reaches of our psychology, to know, to learn, to grow. And though to you it may seem a dark and dangerous place at times, know that yours is an experience that will strengthen you with each and every moment attained in this Path of the Dream." They say, still as distant and far away as they can possibly be. Somehow the soul floats towards the multicolored beam of light, drawn in by the joyous laughter, the chiming sounds, the memories of times long passed that now beckon it forward. 

The soul is filled with a glowing happiness that can't be readily explained, as if the journey might take an unexpected twist or turn.
"I will warn you though, the adventures and misadventures you might endure, you will not be able to interact with the beings, you may experience the chill or the blistering arctic winds, or the heat of a burning fire, or maybe you'll feel the wind rush past you as you fly or fall... But know that you are only a passive companion. Silent, unseen, unfeeling, unheard. Yet, you shall endure!" the soul continues towards the entrancing beam of light, wandering ever closer to something unfamiliar, yet all the more craved than anything it has ever wanted before.

"You will grow stronger. When the time is right, you will face the truest test of all your experience in one singular explosive confrontation... I wish you well." the sound of the Child's voice was made visible as a wave form, wrapping itself around the wandering soul, as if to enchant the temporary passenger, and enhance their experience. Finally, it allowed itself to be completely engulfed in the light,and at once, was lifted into the vast distance of the ever expanding beams reach.

The End

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