After the smoke had cleared Jon arose and looked around, not seeing any sign of Willis. Defeated he walked over to Eric and kneeled next to him. "Hey, you alight?" He asked as if nothing had happend. "F*** you, dude" Eric said, looking angry but obviously just messing around. "Haha, c'mon we have to go after him." Jon said as he offered a hand to Eric smiling. 

   The two walked throughout the town looking for their elousive attacker. Hours later they had stopped walking, "I'm tired!" Eric groned. "We'll stop for today" Jon replied. "Besides, he's probably already left town." he added. They exited the town and set up camp on a small hill. 

  The next day the pair had desided to move along to the next city.  The travled for some time, not encountering much along their path. Although this is to be expected in a world mostly comprised of deasert and badlands. Most of the time the most fun you clud expect to have is a good kill when hunting, and thats only possible on good days. Yes this world was definitely completly and utterly garbage. 

The End

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