-I am so bored! Lets write a story thingy!-

  The world seemed bleak, desolate, almost like an abandoned house left to deteriorate over the years. Although, this place was definitely not abandon. There were shadowy figures each and everyplace, lurking just out of the lights reach. Its not as if they were hiding, they just appeared to be bothered by the presence of the men standing in the open.  "I don't like it here..." said one of the group members, the fear clearly showing in his trembling voice. "Just man up and deal with it, Eric. We'll be out of here in no time." Said another man, the leader of the group. "O-okay, Jon..." Eric responded meekly. "Hello!" Jon shouted, a silence fell over the town, and the figures cowered a bit. "We are Bounty hunters. We are looking for a man named Willis Ariston, anyone willing to help us will be compensated for their services." the only sound that could be heard was the whistling of the wind between the dust covered buildings. After a few minutes of standing in silence a slender figure walk out from behind a building, he stopped and slowly turned towards the "bounty hunters". "Jon... we shou-" "No! we've came to far to turn back now, we're taking this guy in... no matter the cost" Jon interrupted, as he reached to his holster for his Pistol. The person standing opposite them was dressed in all black, they held an shiny object in their hands, no doubt a weapon.

  Tensions rose more and more between the two parties. Jon spoke although reluctant, "Come quietly, it would make all this a lot easier. And no one would get hurt." Jon pulled his pistol out of its holster slowly, and pointed it in Willis's direction. This didn't seem to effect Willis though, he still stood in silence. Jon strode forward with an almost scared quality to his gate. As he encroached on Willis he noticed a slight movement of his arm, Jon soon realized what Will had been holding. A detonator. Jon's eyes widened as he dove to the ground and yelled "Get down!" Eric slammed on to the ground after hearing this. Not a second later, a large ball of flame erupted from a building to Jon's side.

The End

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