A Concert

A writing assignment for my grade 11 writing classs. It's not my best work, but I like it anyhow :)

The music is so loud, it feels as though your ears might break, but your body moves to the beat anyhow. Closer- you want to move closer to the stage, closer to the drums that send pulses down the floor. Closer- you move through the sea of people, all screaming, all thinking that the band can actually hear them. "I love you!", "Marry me!", they scream. Should such words be used so carelessly? To the band, you're just another screaming girl, another book to sign, another  ticket sold, another dollar made. The critics were right, they sound much better on the record. Is the singer in some sort of pain? Is the guitarist missing a string? Farther- farther you go, pushing against the crowd. Save yourself before your ears bleed.

The End

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