Burke Devlin

"I will," she assured him. "Do you live in Collinsport, then, Mr. Devlin?"

"Please, call me Burke," he said. He smiled at her for the first time. "And your name?"

"Victoria Winters. Vicky," she added.

"Victoria," said Burke. "That's a pretty name. You're a very pretty young woman, Victoria."

"Thank you," said Vicky, unsure what to make of him. "Do you live in Collinsport?"

"Not anymore. I'm just here on, um... Business."

"Do you know where the nearest telephone is?" she asked. "I need to call a taxi."

"The hotel is just around the corner. Come, I'll walk you there."

"Thank you," said Vicky.

Together, Vicky and Burke walked off the side of the train station set, and reappeared outside of the hotel, laughing casually as if they'd just had a fascinating conversation which had cleared any awkardness or ill-feelings they might have had toward each other. 

Burke held the door open for Vicky and they entered the hotel lobby. An older man standing behind the counter looked up at them and smiled at Vicky.

Then his jaw dropped.


"Hello, Mr. Wells. I'd like to book the upstairs suite..." he glanced at Vicky, then back again. "...indefinitely."

"What are you doing back in Collinsport, Burke?" said the old man.

"That's none of your business. Here." Burke pulled a large wad of cash out of his wallet and handed it to him. "If you don't mind, Mr. Wells... I'd appreciate it if you would allow me to um... make my presence known at my own pace. Can you do that for me?"

Mr. Wells looked skeptically at the cash, but placed it in his pocket all the same. "No one will hear anything from me, Burke. You have my word."

"Splendid," said Burke. Then he turned back to Vicky. "There's a telephone in the hotel restaurant, just through those doors. I'm going up to my room."

"Thank you for your help," said Vicky to Burke's back as he climbed up the stairs. 

As she walked through the doors that Burke had indicated, she noticed Mr. Wells looking very curiously at her, and then at Burke, and then back at her, and continuing in this fashion until the scene had completely faded to black. But it didn't bother her.

The End

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