At the Train Station


Victoria Winters closed her book and stood up cautiously, after the train came to a complete stop, of course. She had reached her destination: Collinsport, Maine. She picked up her only suitcase, and stepped off the train, and onto a dark, damp sidewalk where the film quality was extremely bad. To her surprise... she wasn't the only passenger bound for the tiny little town of Collinsport.

A tall, businessy-looking man in an overcoat was right behind her. The train rattled and zoomed away, leaving her alone with him, standing in the dark outside of the train station. She realized that he was purposefully staring at her, but she wasn't nervous or afraid of him. She was too naive to imagine any bad things happening to her.

She waited for him to say something, but he just kept looking at her silently. 

"Excuse me," she said after a long moment. "Do you know how to get to Collinwood?"

She had expected of course, a polite response, pointing her in the direction of Collinwood. For where she had come from, everyone was polite, and answered questions promptly, and as accurately as possible. She had much to learn about the world outside of the foundling home.

The man glared at her. He looked like he would be very attractive if he weren't glaring at her.

"Collinwood?" he asked demeaningly. "Tell me, what business does a lovely girl like you have with the Collins family?" He snarled as he said the name.

She didn't fully understand his tone, but she got the general impression that he disliked the Collins family.

"I've been hired as a governess for a boy named David," she answered. "Is there something wrong?"

His voice was commanding and dismissive; a voice that could only come from a true businessman. "The Collins family is nothing but trouble. There's another train coming in half an hour. Get on it and go back to wherever you came from."

Victoria considered these words, and was slightly flustered by them, but she was set in her ways. 

"Well I can't imagine that they could be as horrible as all that, but if they are, I'll decide that for myself. Thank you anyway for your concern, Mister --?"

"Devlin." He looked at the camera and smirked. "Go on, then. Go to Collinwood, little governess. And when you see Roger Collins, tell him... Burke Devlin said hello."

The End

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