Home At Last

I knew exactly what I wanted, I wanted to go home and return to my bed and get away from this rubbish, I was sick of the pain and suffering in these places.

"I want to go home."

"Right then Dorothy, click your heels and say 'I wish I as home' three times, that'll do the trick," I put my hand on my hips.

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"No, I really want to see this, do that for me and I'll take you home," he had a malicous smile on his face.

My face went red as I clenched my fist. I looked at my feet and found I had ruby red slippers on.

I clicked my heels, "I wish I was home," I clicked them again, "I wish I was home," I clicked them one more time, "I wish... I was home."

Then everything went dark and...

It had worked, I was at home.

"Wait," something didn't feel right, "I looked outside and saw an army of warriors."

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA, if you're trapped in a make-belief world, a make-belief spell wont work, your doomed!"


The End

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