Imposing beliefs

I don't appreciate being tossed in lakes and burnt and whatnot.

"Wretched wanton with your uber girly hair and pink hair-dryer that you claim is your mums, youz like, well peed me off mate an' I'm like, well gunna beat ya up for dat mate, yea mate!" I said, "and yes I know that this isn't language, that it is disgusting and a disgrace to the name of english and that those that speak it should be left to rot in Hades but i'm just taking the mick out of the other author!"

With that, and being very angry at how my life had turned upside down I ran at the devil figure and reached him.

"Nipple twist!" I said and he screamed in agony.

"What is this horrific sorcery you have incurred on me?" he spat and when he spat the air became dead. That was when all the people around me became angels.

They came towards the devil.

"Fallen Angel once beloved by God see your doom once more, just as you were cast from heaven, you shalt be cast from the earth!" it was eerie seeing a bunch of hooded men (not women, priests hate women) hooded with their faces invisible and feathery Blackpool Gay clun wings. Luckily they weren't after me.

"And you!" once said suddenly, "who happily converses with the likes of him, you too shall fear Gods wrath!"

I felt a little de ja vu as we stared at each other. I'm an atheist and I don't believe in religion but i don't hate it, and i wont stand by and let them try and impose their authority on me, no way!

"Let's do it!" he shouted.

The End

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