Worship the Devil

Being the devil was awesome, after burning the inquisitor i started doing a breakdance, setting people on fire in the process. After that i pointed at my horns and laughed and said "How horny can one man get?"

I saw this man, and i was confused... "I thought only women could be witches?" i asked "You scare me!" I picked him up and threw him into the lake. All of a sudden people where cheering at me shouting praise satan. Hmm, i should make a religion and i shall call it... Satanism and people who worship me shall be known as goths. People will sing depressing songs about donating their souls to me and screaming vile words and killing aimlessly! Yes... this was good.

"Rock on dudes!" I yell. I spawn a concert stage and a guitar and start playing the guitar. I was playing nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold. Then that guy crawled out of the lake and unplugged my guitar. Hes going to die for that!

"Vile, remotely unattractive human! You hath angered me! Yes i know shakespearian language is gay, but im just mocking the other author" i shout. The hermaphrodite looked at me with quite a shocked and offended face. I burnt him as i got bored and he must of flown 100ft into the air holding his but.

The End

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