My first superhero encounter

Hmm... zombie killing spree... sounds fun to me!

I fired as many rounds as i could and made some zombie steak... i mean food.

Ninja cow was doing some... cow fu? and he was killing a few since his hooves hurt people. I noticed my knife hanging out of his behind so i walked over and took it out.

"Oh my god!" he shouted in a rather satisfied manner. I ignored this wierdness and killed more zombies. I ran back to the house, but i went inside this time and took the elevator to the roof. Dont know why i didnt do that the first time.

When i was on the roof i could just see flying zombies... now dont get me wrong but that is just wierd! I shot a couple down and they seemed to of exploded as they hit the floor, this wasnt good for me because one hit the house and it seemed to be falling over and im still on the roof. Oh Em Gee!

The End

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