Holy shi- zombies are everywhere! Oh wait i already knew that. I took Betty (my trusty shotgun) and started shooting some zombies.

All of a sudden an army of ninja zombies appeared.

"What the hell?" i shout as Betty killed a few. Then for some strange reason i saw some characters from The Matrix but zombified. They were going in slow motion and everything, i couldnt shoot them.

I then climbed this house, did i mention there was a house? Well i climbed this house and i got to the roof. Then vampire bats came along, which was wierd they wernt dead.
"You ruined the theme you idiots!" i shout but then they disappeared when i said that. I got this combat knife magically from thin air and threw it off the roof, and by the sound of it i didnt hit a zombie, it sounded perfectly human... oops.

I jumped off the roof, then only just remembering that it was 5 stories high. I landed on a car, the roof went in and the car alarm went off. I was lucky to be alive, but more than that, i wasnt even hurt at all or anything. I would marvel at this some more but theres a zombie apocalypse going on so im going to run now.

I ran into a forest, i immediatly regretted this decision as fog soon appeared and i got lost. With killing zombies inbetween i was running in circles by the looks of things.

After many circles of running i saw a cow, dressed in a ninja suit, and it started to do kung fu on me.

"Am i dreaming? Cause this just isnt believable!" i shout


The End

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