What the... Ouch! Shortly after being poked in the butt i heard a lion, oh my gosh ima going to die! Oh wait, its just a wierd guy.

"Do you mind! Im abit busy with your wife!" i shouted in a desperate attempt for a comback from his poking with sharp object. It was a very good idea, shortly after saying that you could see him mutating into a tomato... well not literally but his face went red and he started chasing me around. I got out my phone and played Benny Hill.

Now being chased by a tomato isnt something i enjoy in my spare time so i decided to go outside. For some reason the cows ran after me, must i be chased by everyone?

I ran into the road, and i immediatly get hit by a car, as im flying i grab a tree. The man, the cows... and the driver of the car was wondering where i was. so i shouted "Im dead!" they just turned around or got back into their cars and went off like nothing happened... very friendly of them.

The End

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