I stared at my own image in the lovely ornate looking glass. My soon - to - be mother-in-law had given it to me at the rehearsal dinner. It was quite kind of her, I thought. I didn't own a mirror, I wasn't vain in that way.

I took a few steps in my gown, and nearly tripped over the long flowing train. I was willing to do a lot for love, but I thought the waste of all that beautiful white silk, was stupid. The train would get caught up in the red carpet I was going to walk on, and put runs in the silk. It was an outdoor wedding, so at some point, I could expect grass stains.

It was all worth it for my Mathew, though. He had lived with my family, with all my traditions, for the better part of a year. It was only fair that I marry him according to his traditions. I really would rather have worn green. I like green. White makes me look so pasty faced, pale. My long blonde hair was almost the colour of the dress.

I smiled at the thought of the first time Mathew held the long strands of my hair in his hands, and marvelled at it. He told me that such a colour could not have been real, but it was. He assumed I had dyed it. I laughed at that, because all of my family tended toward being blonde, or white haired, if they were older. It was in my ancestry.

I tugged at the bodice of my gown. It was terribly uncomfortable. Mathew's sister took me around to all the bridal shops, until she was satisfied with this one. It had been strapless, but I sewed tiny beaded straps onto it, so that I wouldn't suddenly become topless in the middle of the ceremony. I would have been happy with a simple long sea green gown, and bare feet. I hated the white satin high heeled shoes. I was scared to death I would trip and break an ankle. My mom came into the room with a happy smile on her face.

"You look beautiful, my dear. That colour would not have been my choice for you, though."

 I nodded and agreed. She had married my father in a lovely blue watered silk gown. I wished I could have worn a dress of my own choice, but I didn't want to offend Mathew's family. A gentle rap on the door, was followed by my father's voice.

"Are you two ladies ready? The music has begun."

"Coming, papa." I called.

My mother took my arm as we walked to the door. My father opened it, and took my other arm, as we walked carefully down the stone steps of my father-in-law's ancestral castle. There were oohs and ahs, and a smattering of applause along the way, as the three of us walked to the end of the red carpet. My parents relinquished both of my hands into the hands of my beloved Mathew, whose brilliant smile made everything around me disappear, so that all I could see, was him.

We exchanged our vows, and golden rings, to pledge our love to each other forever. When Mathew kissed me as his first act as my husband, I forgot everything else. I released the pearl button at my throat, that allowed my train to fall off, and my wings to spread freely. I threw my arms around Mathew, and flew up into the trees with him, as my first act as his Elfin wife.

The End

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