Seperated and Together Again, Forever

I miss her..I miss her so darn much. She always left me, everytime I turned my back for a short while, she'd leave me behind and walk away. I always used to wonder why she did that. Because it hurt a lot, and I knew she'd never ever want to hurt me.

Love is a beautiful yet painful thing. When you get seperated from someone you know you're in love with, it's as if your heart had been torn in two and the girl you'd fallen in love with had took half of it away.

I searched for so long, went to all the places I thought she might be and couldn't find her. The pain was nibbling at what was left of my heart that she'd stolen, as I wandered around to try and find her.

And that, was when the strangest thing happened.

A few of my friends wanted me to tag along for Halloween. And I was forced to come. And I found her again. I got lost eventually throughout the huge crowd at the Haunted House, so I ditched my friends and wandered away. And found  a room full of mirrors. And she was there. Beautiful as ever.

Her golden-blonde hair was cascading down her back, as her brown eyes looked at me, sparkling. I smiled at her in happiness as she smiled back. My hand shook as it neared her, and it met hers, her cool touch against my palm.

I sat down, knowing that this time, we'd never be seperated again...together, forever we shall be.

The End

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