Handsome Ballroom

Fair hair, shinning orbs of blue, and thinnest of frames. As the youngest of the women, you weren't desired for your beauty, but for your intellect. A woman who used her tongue honorably, but still with the sharpest of wit and stepping on toes of the cockiest of men, but with grace, of course.

"A petal among daisies, but a butterfly among roses," She instantly turned towards me, away from the men she was conversing with. With a thin and simple smile, she greeted me with a curtsey as I bowed.

"And what do you  mean by that, Sir Christopher?" Her voice was nothing like that of sirens' or an angels', nothing about it was captivating. Her features were simple and moderate, but beauty isn't something that catches the eye, no that is simply attractiveness. Beauty captures your heart. And she, my dearest Heather, had that. The only thing was...she didn't capture my heart.

I smirked, almost sure of myself in too many ways, "It means nothing, Lady Heather. Simply an example,"

"An example of what?"  Her fair hair-head had taken it as an insult. How naïve and precious, for a Stanley heiress that is.

I laughed and gave her a genuine, toothy smile. "Nothing to worry yourself, my dear," I lend my hand out for her to take, "Now shall we dance?"

Taking my hand, I led her to the center of the floor, in the eyes of every noble and lady attending Saint Arc's ball. "How fitting for romance", I thought to myself while twirling her petite body around.

The music continued, but we spoke little. Maybe because my attention was on her movement... "Stop staring, Elle. People will start thinking." She whispered my birth name quickly, before sending me a silent warning in her glare.

I let out a throaty laugh, before spinning her once again and then pressing her back against me. "Would you prefer having a man dance with you or a woman?" I muttered delicately into her ear, much like whispering sweet-nothings into the ears of your lovers.

An almost childish frown found its way on her rosy skin. "I see your point, Elle. But if you insist on dressing as a man, do me a favor," I dipped her, looking intently into her eyes, "Stop acting so...roguish, the lords' wives are beginning to stare at me, haughtily if I may add."

It's simple really; I'm devilishly handsome in men's clothing. 

The End

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