The sincere grey clouds rolled over the urban setting, separating around the towering sky scrapers. The world seemed so much smaller - enveloped as it was in the sinister lack of light. Rain beat against everything up to the horizon.

All of this was irrelevant to the harried businessman.

He waited at a curb as the rain pounded down, peering through the sprayed mist from cars.  His umbrella only partially covered his serious figure. He drew himself inwards and clutched the newspaper closer to his side. The headlights of passing cars illuminated the seemingly black and white scene.

Out of the corner of his eye, a white envelope caught his attention. It was lying face down in the gutter. This litter was not out of the ordinary in appearance, but in atmosphere. He could sense that it had a special history.

Overcome with interest, he bent down and picked up the damp envelope. The front was decorated with the words: "Mummy and Daddy".  Slowly, he turned to the back of the childlike envelope and carefully tore it open. He pulled out the folded piece of paper. Unfolding it, he began to read.


"To Mummy and Daddy,

Iv had lots ov fun in this howse with the other kidz, but I want to no wen I can se u agen.

The lady sed it wasnt posable to see you aneemore, but shes rong, isnt she? I no u wil cum and get me soon so we can have icecreem on the beech agen.

I ate the last cake we mad last wekend to day. It was nice. Can we mak sum mor?

I luv u lots and lots

RYAN xxxxxxx"


A teardrop fell onto the page as the man finished reading. He went to fold the paper up and put it back into the envelope. His tears would dry, he knew, but this child would never fully heal.

He would never be able to sponge first line of the address it came from.


"South London Orphanage"

The End

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