A Collection Of Short Stories

One page stories that (I hope) may bring tears to your eyes, leave you rolling with laughter or completely confused as to what happened, but always entirely hooked.


The door swings heavily and slams shut in my haste to get away. Jumbled in my bag lies every possession I have ever owned. The tracks of my tears wash away the smeared make-up, salty warmth running freely over the huge, crimson hand mark on my cheek. All will deserts my very essence.

Dashing across the road, I realise my mistake a split second too late. Brakes squeal; tyres screech. The stench of burning rubber fills the air.

And then it hits me.

My head smashes against the gravelled road. Trickling out of my skull, the blood feels like my life. It's flowing away, twisting and turning in ways I don't want it to. An uncontrollable element. It's leaving me: ebbing away.

I black out.

*  *  *  *  *

It's like an old film at first: flickering and damaged, but as I concentrate it becomes clearer.

I see a young woman in a bed. The top half of her body is slumped against a mound of pillows. Sweat plasters her hair to her face. She seems determined - her face is set. With what seems like too much effort, she raises her head. I see her smile before all her muscles relax as one and she becomes limp. She's taken away and the pictures fade to black.

A young man this time. The heavens have opened and a heavy torrent of water is falling. I can hear the splashes into the puddles already made from hours of rain. He looks up. Before him stands a sign that reads: "Orphanage". Once again his head blocks out the oncoming rain. I wrinkle my nose and screw up my eyes as a stray droplet finds my face. When I look up again, he's whispering something. It sounds like: "I'll love you forever and always." A single tear escapes from his eye and rolls down his cheek to land on mine. I try to hold on to these images, but all too quickly, they fade away.

A new building. New people. I'm in the corner of a small, bare room. I feel the fear. It's wrapped around too tightly like a boa constrictor and it's prey. I am the prey. I feel my face become moist - tears are streaking down my cheeks fiercely and into my lap. The atmosphere engulfs the air, suffocating me slowly. Something's coming. I know neither what it is, or what it wants. I'm not safe  I'm helpless. Just as the feeling climaxes at its worst, the imagery disappears and leaves me in darkness.

Am I dead? My life is flashing before my eyes.

The End

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