The Doll - Part Two

I screamed again but nothing came out. What happened to my voice? “SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE ME,” I cried out loud. I looked all around and I didn’t see the doll. All I could hear was the evil laughter. It was so repulsing that it sent shivers down my spine. I backed up slowly toward my door ready to make my escape.

I ran out of my room yelling and screaming trying to warn my family, but no one was there. It was empty. Where had everyone gone? Why did they leave me? What happened to them? When I stopped to notice my surroundings, I didn’t realize that the laughing had stopped. I was now in the living room and it was so cold that I could see my breath. I was the only one in my house now. All alone with this intruder. I started sobbing. I didn’t know what to do. “Was I going to die all alone?”

My thoughts were interrupted by a sudden giggle. “Who’s there?” I shrieked. Right there on the couch, right in front of my very eyes was the same doll I saw earlier. Terrified, I was paralyzed. I wanted to run, but my feet were stuck. They wouldn’t budge. I saw the doll smile, the evil intent in its eyes and its smile getting wider by the second. “LETS PLAY A GAME,” it said. At the sound of those very words, I sprinted to the front door trying to open it, but it was as if it were nailed shut. I cried, as I couldn’t get the door to open. I ran to the back door and it wouldn’t open. “This can’t be happening,” I said. The doll's laughter echoed throughout the house. “I’m going to catch you,” it said happily. “There’s nowhere for you to hide!”

“How do I get out of here?” I thought. Trembling with fear my body acted on impulse. I ran to the nearest room and hid in the closet. As the seconds passed I cried while trying to be as quiet as a mouse. I didn’t have a chance. If only I had never gone down that road. I regretted it now and was sobbing at the thought of how curiosity killed the cat. All this was happening because of my curiosity to see the house where all the stories came from.

Something was coming closer. I could hear it approaching. It’s breathing getting louder by the moment with anticipation. “I found you,” it said giggling. The door knob started to slowly turn and the door opened. Screams were all you heard. The pain and torture of my yells echoed through the wind.

The End

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