the halloween party never to be forgotten

I always like Halloween parties, but this was a Halloween party I'll never forget! I was twelve years old and my mom, dad, brother and I went to the party at about 8:00pm and planned on being home by 11. While we were having a good time, I heard a rustling noise outside. I thought it was just pipes or silly kids messing around, so I went to get some punch. After about ten minutes, a man came knocking on the door. My dad's friend answered it and there appeared to be a homeless man wandering around, looking for some money. We gave him a couple of tips and he thanked us and left. At about 11:25pm we left the party. While we were crossing a river, we saw the same man with his throat cut. On a nearby tree it said "Don't give money to strangers." My family and I got scared and sped off. About two weeks later, we heard on the news that there was a mental patient who escaped on Halloween night. They also showed a picture of him on the news, but he looked completely different. We were confused, but my dad said that the man must have switched disguises!

The End

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