A collection of my gibberish

I'm one of those weird kids that sometimes, evey now and then, occasionally, once in a blue moon, etc,etc... will create his own language. I wonder if any others have done this odd little thing?

Okay, so I'll take you through this to start. I'm odd. Now that you know that, I'll say it in another language: Ry'ji tokk, or R'o mikk, or Ni'mi leedidi ,or Et'is ilatat ,or So'it turoro. See? I told you I'm odd.

My language creating skills are honetly not all that advanced, but I work with what I know. All of my languages are letter X= letter Y. For example then "I'm odd" becomes Ry'ji tokk like this.





You probably notice though, that I have an O in there that I don't acount for. The O is there because tkk is tough to say, but tokk is a little easier

Here is a list of the whole language:

A-> N

B-> G 

D-> K 

E-> L

G-> W

H-> H

I-> Ry (pronounced rye, like the bread)

J-> M

K-> D

L-> I

M-> Ji (pronounced like gee as in gee whilickers)

N-> O

O-> T

P-> B

R-> A

S-> Es ( pronounced es like in spanish)

T-> U

U-> S

V,F, & W-> V

Y-> Y

There are in fact a few letters missing, but I can explain that. Letter C is gone because K and S take care of all that a C does. F, V, & W are all grouped together because they are similar sounding( plus it's cool to speak that German-ish V for things, lol, like Vhat are you taling about?) Q is gone because I hold some strange idea that it too is very much like the C, and thus is unneeded. No X because EKS sounds exactly the same and that puts me at 21 letters. No Z because it is very much the same as an S. There, 20 letters exactly. A reason to my madness.

P.S.  for the sake of pronunciation in your head, All the vowels are pronounced in much the same way as they are in spanish. E sounds like A, I sounds like E, and what not...

Ryu niest v'tades ryo Esbonryesh

It also works in Spanish.

Ji Iinjit D'hares

Me llamo Chris. Bueno, si?

Goslot, esry?

Vhnu Inowsonowles kot ytos hnvol?

What languages do you have?

The End

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