A Cold Vampire

This would be a first chapter of a vampire story.

 Vampire Pre-Face

A dark room, and spot of light piercing from the creaky wooden floor from above making him back down in terror.  There was a sweet aroma in the air that makes him thirst for the human body.   I watched him preserve the space around me the intensity that shot from his pale face, and highlighted dark eyes.  At this point there was no doubt that he was going to be defeated.  Seeking no chance in captivating this mass.  With the pride that grew within in him assistance was seen as much as a ghost.  Unsure if I would see this quarrel play. 

            The odds of survival did not seem great. 

            My death was seen as exhilarating as feeding to a hungry animal.  They waited for slight moment where my shield was minimal.  The attention of savior distracted.   This would be the point in time when I am sure to be dismissed. 


The End

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