Attack - but not of the Vogons

“You know what that means don’t you?” Elo said with a resignated sigh.

Spook and Del groaned, “Not again”

“What does it mean?” the Doctor asked completely confuzzled.

The others eyes each other warily. Could it be the doctor really was clueless about this typo world? Spook rather suspected not.

Bastard is still trying to get me I just know it. Miffed about the whole world domination thing. Wonder what kind of job I can offer him to get him on my side. Still with the Bagelfish’s appearance that means we’ve got Vogons to deal with.

“Argh!” Spook pulled at her hair. The other three looked at her. Apparently Elo had been trying to explain things to the Doctor again. “Sorry,” Spook muttered turning beat red.

Thinking of the Vogons made Spook wonder where her boys had gotten too. They ought to have arrive at the cake by now.

Damn Troop, can’t trust them to do anything right can I. All I wanted was a fun lark at the cake. Probably stopped to eat. Or worse...

Spook’s thoughts stopped as a bird call reached her ears. It wasn’t a very good one, but enough to let her know the boys were here.

“Why don’t we all take the HARDIS?” Spook broke into the conversation at hand, completely ignoring whatever topic they were on. It had sounded like grammar.

“I am not going into the HARDIS with you again!” Del grumbled, obviously still not happy about their previous trip.

“Look this is an impotence issue!” Spook stood and stomped her feet, as much for emphasis as to signal her boys.

If they mess this up, I’ll string them from the trees.

“Impotence?” the  Doctor exclaimed. “I think that’s a personal matter don’t you?”

“What Spook means, Doctor,’ Elo soothed him, “Is that this is a matter great significance.”

“Impotence?” the Doctor repeated, shocking himself at saying the same word.

Elo, Spook and Del nearly forgot about the seriousness of the situation as the Doctor tried and tried again to say the word that meant great significance. During the Doctor’s distraction, Spook’s boys crept closer.

Elo caught Spook’s eye and Spook winked. Elo raised an eyebrow. Spook nodded to her closed boy who again made his horrid bird call. Elo’s mouth formed an O and she immediately turned back to the Doctor.

“See,” she patted his shoulder comfortingly. “This is what we deal with everyday. You never know when a typo will show up or leave. It’s always worse when the Vogons are close by.”

Ceasing her chance Spook suddenly flapped her arms like a bird and cawed like a crow. Her boys attacked.

The End

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