"Hey, I'm sorry," said the Doctor awkwardly. He put his hand on Del's shoulder but she shrugged it off, not wanting the comfort. "Here, why don't we all have some food?"

Elo walked over to the picnic basket. "Good idea."

Together they sat down, preparing to feast. Spook was especially looking forward to a little more of the fantastic lake that Elo had made: the encounter with the Cyberpens had left her hungry.

Del volunteered to extract it from the basket. She opened the lid, careful not to knit anyone with it (which had happened before, creating disastrous consequences) and groped around inside.

"What on Typo is this?" she gasped, pulling out something round and struggling. It looked like a bagel--but it wasn't. One end had a tail, the other a small, leech-like mouth. It was trying to suck Del's finger. She shook it off, repulsed.

"I think it's a Bagel Fish," said Spook, trying not to laugh, though it was hard. "Some strag has been talking to hitch-hiker again. Those conversations are always confusing."

The End

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