Crashed It ...

The Doctor stared at his HARDIS for several long moments. Then he looked at Elorithryn. "I suppose you're not about to tell me this was all just a typo and nothing actually went wrong?"

"I'm afraid not," she told him. "Spook and Del really did fight off the Cyberpens..."

"I take it that's a typo too," he said glumly. "I know all too well who you mean." He looked up, finally, and met Del's eyes. She shuffled uncomfortably.

"It wasn't my idea, you know," she began, but then cast off her worries and stood up straight. "Look, if you hadn't been chasing Spook when you shouldn't have been this would  never have happened because we would never have taken the HARDIS to escape!"

"Calm down," said Spook, sounding agitated. "Del, don't get him angry. We've done enough damage."

"No! I will not calm down!" Del glared at the Doctor. "You have no right to complain when it's all your own fault. We almost died just now because of the Cyberpens and I don't appreciate having to fight with you when I'm only just recovering. They were horrible! And I thought - I thought I'd never get back!"

Del burst into tears, remembering the experience.


We were surrounded. That was how Del began in her diary, which she wrote later. She gave it to the psychologist during one session, but the woman frankly did not believe her. We were surrounded, and there was no escape. I thought we were about to die there and then! They told us we would be upgraded ... and then a message came through and they changed their mnds. They said we would be deleted.

Spook threatened them with a jelly baby, but I guess you can only pull that off if you're the Doctor. They just looked at us, and grabbed us.

So Spook pulled out an ink eraser. I mean, an ink eraser! She told them it would wipe their mind and for the first time they looked truly afraid. I kicked the one that held me hard enough that its leg metal dented and we started to run. We had to run.

At this point Spook was running out of ideas so it was up to me to save us. She'd got us this far. The wide, hopeless look in her eyes told me she was panicking. I thought she'd be  used to this sort of thing; she's a cadet, after all. But I knew what to do.

"Get in the HARDIS!" I yelled, so we did. She took off. Though we knew the basics of how to work it from the - disastrous - journey here, we weren't sure about this bit. We crash landed, smashing a few Cyberpens on our way.

Now they were terrified. They thought we had the Doctor with us. Spook had found his spare sonic screwdriver in a draw and was pointing it at them, though we weren't sure how to work it. They ran. So did we.

The End

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