Took It for a Spin...

That was the worst fudging idea Spook ever had. Honestly, that nutter, how did she get us into that mess? Or, more importantly, how on earth did she get us out?

Rubbing her temples, Delorfinde staggered out of the battered HARDIS and sat down on the ground. Seconds later, Spook came skittering out at full pelt, laughing hysterically and tears streaming down her face. The Doctor looked at Spook, then at his HARDIS, then at Del and back to Spook.

"What... what did you..." he stammered.

"We took it for a spin!" said Spook truimphantly. Del groaned and buried her face in her hands. The Doctor gawked.

"But... my HARDIS! What have you done to it you evil little demon!"

Del piped up before Spook could reply, "We didn't mean to cause any harm! We just thought that while you were busy we'd try it out, perhaps prove to you that Spook isn't a threat. We were aiming for a cafe on an alternate Earth, but..."

"We hit the wrong button and ended up kicking some serious Cyberpen butt! Honestly, we kicked in ink cartridges out of those things!" Spook crowed, "But... we did kind of bust your box a bit."

"Cyberpens..." the Doctor gaped, "You took on Cyberpens alone?"

"Yes." said Del, completely at a loss as to how to explain it, "And I didn't really know how to drive the thing..."

"We crashed it." said Spook bluntly.

The Doctor was speechless, he simply stared at his slightly mangled HARDIS, Spook, Del, Elo and all the other farty guests utterly forgotten. Everyone watched, waiting to see what he would do next.

The End

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